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Else just read on, I'll add sporadically some rumblings of mine.

OK, I admit it: I'm sad. The more I visit the scene (and I routinely check all relevant links) the more I notice a creeping commercialisation roaring its ugly head even among us. I cannot understand this: people seem unduly obsessed by the possibility of making personal gains. Even capable reversers are now more and more seeking some sort of 'monetary compensation' for their work. The subliminal effect of those millions of commercial banner ads is maybe taking control of their brains, like in a SF-film. Since I cannot understand this, I'm probably out of touch with the reality. Well, so be it: I'm fed up. My dream was to fullfill the task +ORC entrusted us long ago: "knowledge is now free at last: let's use this for once to our advantage: let's spread real knowledge to anyone that cares. They spread shit ads and fake propaganda, we spread real knowledge. We will win". Yet we are not winning, or at least the other side is winning even more. And I'm tired..


Xmas 1998

Merry whatever and a happy new year to all my readers!

Winter 1998
fravia+s boring rumblings
fravia+'s boring rumblings
(about goebbelsian european propaganda, Clinton's sexual escapades and Iraq bombing)
Na ja... merry Xmas (or Yanucca, or whatever your local ideology is) to all of you... since we are reversers, and since I'm unfortunately editing nice essays, right now, during a barbarical air-attack against a population that has the only fault to live in a different dictatorial system than the ones we ourselves are enjoying, and since my kids are playing with nice new toys in the same room where a TV-set yells an awful sequence of idiotical propaganda in the attempt to cover the images of other kids being bombed and killed by the governments of my American and British friends, I'm afraid I just have to write these words, even if they sound silly and useless... it is just a question of being coherent with my (limited yet still existing) conscience: Nossir: Your wars are not mine. Whatever your obscene propaganda says: your wars are not mine. I'm a reverser, I won't forget anything. You'll pay for these crimes. Sorry, I know politics and web-teachings should be kept well apart... and I always sincerely did great efforts in this sense... but this time it was just a little too much for me. I flipped the moment I heard on CNN the american butcher-in-chief saying that "fortunately there have been no victims among US-citizens"... See: I had to write this small snippet, after all it's a sort of reversing effort as well...
~ We reverse software while software kills
Autumn 1998
Should we crack or reverse?

See my Autumnal thoughts special page with the comments and suggestions of many friends.

~ Crossing the wide wide web
Mid May 1998
Silly thoughts of a tired webmaster
It's a difficult situation: for one contributor worth something there are more than TWENTY that only waste your time, most of them -moreover- as it seems completely "en mauvaise fois". So what? I could probably now close my site, maybe, there are now many others talented ones that would fill the gap: I reckon I have made enough my point: a non-commercial site can not only "survive", but become a reference and a source of knowledge for any other site on the web that deals with this kind of matter (yet the "nonchalance" by those who steal the knowledge on this site in order to sell it to the zombies keeps fascinating me... I believe that the mere existence of people so exclusively concentrated on money matters is one of the marvels of our world... like industrious little ants: instead of living these guinea pigs are furiously concentrated on their limited horizon: their useless GSM-appointments, the dutyful pathetical morning washing of their cars, the next career opportunity behind the shoulders of their collegues... hey... what remains for them later? A sense of fullfillment for having gained a little more money this way? To gain money, if not unimportant, is IMHO relatively easy (if you really don't know how to gain a lot of money just enter -for instance- any political party and conform until you do): the real difficult problem is what you will do with your life... how do you keep 'growing' and 'learning' all the way long... clearly most of the people working in this field have still a lot to understand... yet I'm VERY happy to have had the pleasure and the honor to meet (well, figuratively) people like +ORC, +gthorne, Sharp, Mammon, +ReZiDeNt, Quine, +Alistair, Hutch, +Aesculapius, +RCG and all the many other talented and clever ones that compensate 'ad abundantiam' the zombie majority I'm at times compelled to come to terms with) ~ Nothing cool in this hot may
Mid March 1998
Evolution of this site, evolution of the cracker
Should I push away from 'simple' cracking? It is difficult to judge, because there is a great 'turnover' of visitors, of course, and many people that land on my site are still 'cracker-conditioned', they don't yet grasp the beauty and the interest of reversing code that HAS NOTHING TO DO with protection schemes. On the other hand more and more valid reversers are growing up (one of the best: Quine, has recently decided to 'retire' and pass to more 'constructive' tasks :-( a very solide and powerful approach: they are IMPROVING the targets they reverse... well, I believe that my site had in part a role in this development. I'll try to push even more. Crackers are finally getting down from their trees all over the planet. They are EXPLAINING and TEACHING. They are beginning to use TOOLS! They are approaching from underneath the codebushes, very powerful and very dangerous, with their sharp assembly blades, for the heavy and overbloated Windozed Appllicationosaurus, stupidly chewing its routines on the code planes. Poor brainless creatures, they cannot even run away with their huge and heavy commercial overbloated bodies. In this incredibly silly-frilly aera the new Homo reversicus will have plenty of food! Yumm! Burp! ~ Teacher cool
Mid February 1998
About time on the web
Web time and real time have few things in common: that what seems very important to one seems irrelevant to others, and messages that are very urgent (say on a maillist) get their answers many week afterwards... this depends from the fact, I believe, that our 'community' is NOT real: messages sent by y for x arrives when he is gone for a week, he comes back and answers and y is upset for this delay. Z asks for help and many months later W answers, because he happens to have found Z's original email on dejavue seeking completely different things... funny web where there are still many pages linking to pages of mine that have disappeared in 1995! I find also the 'waves' curious, if you have a look at the chronology, you'll realise that, for instance, dongle cracking seems to have been all the rage towards the end of january... ~ Proustian cool
End January 1998
Working in the 'cave'
Keeping a site like this one remembers me of costantly adjusting and repairing things in a big house. At the moment, as you can see from the chronology, I'm working somewhere in my Javascript section... Take a seat, sip a cocktail and read some essays, if you need me you'll find me there. ~ The new Javascript entrances section has collected a huge amount of interest... man! These things are indeed interesting! ~ I have also revamped my reality cracking after having received the 'cigarretes' essay by +ORC... hope to get this section up and running for this sommer (besides: I love Bilibin's pictures :-) ~ Techno


November 1997 ~ January 1998 lotta things The Blackboard has been interrupted for a month. The new section has been improved and transformed in the (beginning) of a real Acadmey of anonimity, we'll see if we get enough time free to follow it. The Steganography section has collected a huge amount of ineterest ~ Really cool
8 November 1997 Anonymity Academy A new section with an essay by LordCaligo! ~ Quite interesting
7 November 1997 Fravia+ & Snatch New interesting tool: Smartcheck 5.0 ~ pretty important
3 November 1997 Thank denis PC Magazine november 97 (not the Hors serie edition) carries Delphi 2 trial and Intrabuilder ~ Pretty important
29 October 1997 +HCU preparation for the 1998 courses Well, this comes directly from +ORC, so only those that passed the strainer (and the old hands) are requested to do it ~ MOST important for all +HCUkers
Quite important for all friends
28 October 1997 Thank +ReZiDeNt! PcPro (UK magazine) December issue: pcANYWHERE, Norton Utilities, Crashguard, Norton AntiVirus and the full Corel Office 8 (with Paradox) for 3.50 UK pounds in Europe, even less in Britain ~ TOOLS!
pretty important
28 October 1997 +HCU Taxonomy Two new interesting sections: Advanced cracking and Snippets ~ Quite important
28 October 1997 Watcom11 I know that some of you may be interested in the complete (201.008 bytes long) listing of all files contained in my WATCOM 11 CD-ROM: here they are. Watch it: no files here (of course you'll be able to find them on the Web, yet not on my site nor from my copy n.W31155), here have been zipped only the NAMES of all files! ~ not much important
21 October 1997 Java and C++ PCMag Hors-serie n.23 'Programmer Internet' issue "November 1997", a french magazine (only address:, price = 38 french francs) carries free (or easy to reverse :-) betas or trials of
JavaStudio 1.0 (Sun); Java WorkShop 2.0 (Sun); JDK 1.14 (Sun); Visual Cafe (Symantec); Borland C++ Builder (Borland); Borland Intrabuilder (Borland); and other small "development" suites.
12/19 October 1997 Tough protections (letter from +Sync) "I have spent several days looking at a VB3 program called POPIt, and have had very little success. I have talked to Razzia as well as several others on IRC and it seems that this program has not yet been cracked. I was hoping you could possibly post a challenge on the HCU page, looking for information on the scheme this program uses. It claims that it uses the hard drive serial number off of your computer as part of the protection, but I have doubts as to the validity of this". The program is available at Thanks +Sync
And here you have a first anwer by flipper!
~pretty important
19 September 1997 Thanks Rob! Hello, an update on PC plus giving away Borland C 4.5 Octobers issue which is in shops now in UK has repeated Borland C 4.5 disk due to public demand. So another chance to get it for 4 pounds. ~TOOLS!
16 September 1997 general Hey, everyone... please start working on "demo" reverse engineering (yes: graphic 3D demos). We suppose that TREASURES of compact code (and assembly tricks) are to be found there! ~New project!
(Project B)
15 September 1997 solution.htm Solutions to the strainer: the new +crackers! ~ Quite
10 September 1997 general Hey, everyone... please send your FAVOURITE breakpoints for softice (Say bpmb cs:eip rw if 0x30:0x43AA==1) ~New project!
(Part of Project 2)
29 August 1997 pna1.htm The first +HCU 97 Training exercise ~Fairly
27 August 1997 astonish.htm Micro$oft's SERIOUS security holes exposed ~ Quite
13 August 1997 capered pages ATTN: Thomas! Thanks a lot!, may be wir werden uns treffen in Kreuzberg! ~ NOT
09 August 1997 bag' of tips (Rundus) Hexsearch nagscreen and place nop in front of the Nagwindow Title ~ Fairly
06 August 1997 Students' essays ATTN: Marta! Long ago promised lessons about dongles! still missing! ~ Fairly
31 July 1997 bag'of tips (Lanor) Cookies begone with a new DIRECTORY cookies.txt! Just try it and re-enable cookies without any problem any more! ~ Pretty
19 July 1997 Zmud Wer getting nowhere with Zmud, please write if you got something ~ NOT
19 July 1997 Borland Resource Workshop BRW (Borland Resource Workshop) Last version 4.5.!
Buy IMMEDIATELY the UK Review PCPLus (Issue 130, August 1997), Price: 3.99 UK Sterlings
You'll find inside it, THE COMPLETE Borland C++ version 4.5 with BRW!

Well, you'll get a PERFECTLY LEGAL copy of BRW and the whole Borland C compiler (a very good version BTW: 4,52, and the complete Windoze's API reference, and a lot of other goodies (Netscape 4, for instance) for less than 4 pounds... should somebody dare to say that Crackers are the ruin of the software industry you know what to answer :-)

Some info about PcPlus (UK) for those of you outside the European Union:
Future publishing: United Kingdom: O1225-442244


23 December 1998
Merry Xmas ~ Linguistic cracking ~ Advanced searching ~ chmod cracking ~ OCX cracking ~ Linux cracking ~ mm2* neutralizing ~ More about supermarket enslavment
merryx.htm: Merry Xmas! (a present for the good ones, a punishment for the bad ones :-) ~ truber_1.htm: Trubert's Linguistic cracking ('Nationality' exegesis) part of the text cracking section, useful for stalking purposes as well ~ kmart_s1.htm: Kmart's More searching tips (Advanced searching) ~ xdae_22.htm: +Xdaemon's Cracking File Read Aloud v1.1 (the chmod indicator) ~ Blackboard & Links & Cocktails & Recent thoughts & howtouse & protec.htm updated ~ soz_li.htm: .sozni's OCX cracking (Using LIC files) ~ siul_333.htm: SiuL+Hacky's Linux cracking: About Introducing Your Own Code (Advanced cracking) ~ mm_dat.htm: ZenGuy+:Neutralizing MM256.DAT and MM2048.DAT files ~ cugeosup.htm: Curious George's 'the discount supermarket' and fravia+'s "European Motorroad malls", as part of the 'supermarket enslavery' section of the reality cracking Lab
12 December 1998
More supermarket enslavement ~ VBOX reversing ~ rhetorical truths ~ access any commercial site ~ Cracking the impossible ~ Things that happen ~ corporate sniffing ~ Dick & Drugs ~ Crunching ~ everlock revisited
slaves.htm: Dark One's ADDITION to the famous "supermarket enslaving tricks" by +ORC (a reality cracking essay ~ porvbo1.htm: Victor Porguen's Redirection Revisited -- Achieving Redirection Through API Spoofing (part of the +HCU papers) ~ kuririrh.htm: Kuririn's A "quick and dirty" look at rhetoric and persuasion(a reality cracking essay ~ Micro$oft bashing & cocktail.htm & confnets.htm revamped ~ ideale7.htm: fravia's and A+heist's How to seriously annoy smut sites... (How to allow any luser to access any commercial smut site for free :-), part of the Site busting section ~ owlimpo.htm: The Owl's Cracking the impossible, part of the advanced software reverse engineering lab ~ anohisto.htm: fravia's Things that happen, part of the Anonymity Lab ~ enbecor.htm: Embedded's Sniffing the Corporate and Institutional Network, part of the corporate survival techniques section ~ psycioff.htm: Cioff's Psycho slimming , part of the reality cracking section ~ crunchi7.htm: Joa's Little essay about the various methods and viewpoints of crunching. Part VII: Arithmetic Crunching (crunching bits apart...) ~ everlock.htm: Tomboy's Everlock by Az-Tech: Reversing a Commercial Copy Protection Scheme - Part I
2 December 1998
anonymous emailing ~ why crackers crack ~ Java against javascript ~ applets cracking ~ search better ~ The multi-pharmaindustrial conspiracy ~ Windoze watches you? You watch windoze! ~ Dangerous food additives (reversing labels) ~ Cinderella ~ Using BRW
anonema.htm: Anonymous emailing, fravia's golden tips ~ corporate.htm: One for "public" computers ~ whydwcr.htm: Why crackers crack? Reversing reversers' psychology (part of the how to protect better section ~ links.htm revamped ~ Advanced javascript page (restricted access... see "entrance" at javascri.htm): Gattman's Java approach ~ codeliap.htm: cracking codelink v4.0 by silkware "applets cracking" by douby ~ surre_05.htm: The continued irc experience, pro's and con's from a searching standpoint by surreal5 (part of surreal5's search tips) ~ TWO reality cracking essays!: pharma1.htm: Cioff's The multi-industrial conspiracy ~ entran.htm revamped ~ asparta1.htm: Kuririn's Dangerous food additives (reversing labels) ~ twdappl2.htm: TWD's Looking inside your Windows 98... (second part: "Tell me which applications you run and I tell you who you are"), part of the Micro$oft bashing section ~ rhino.htm: Sojourner's What Time Does the Library Open? (part of the Most stupid protection section) ~ caligo4.htm: LordCaligo's Using BRW: How to make passwords hidden by "stars" visible, a How to use our tools essay
25 November 1998
Safe surfing ~ Site cracking for beginners ~ Clever CD protection schemes ~ anti-advertisement ~ M$-logo subliminal brainwashing ~ Information warfare ~ reality cracking ~ redirections ~ searching
project5.htm: FOUR! contributions to 'safe surfing': 1) iefafpro.htm & confnets.htm: Iefaf's Two contributions to fravia's anonimity lab and also a reaction to his autumnal feelings ~ 2) zipped/ Awaiting_name: Panzer your netscape browser (with C++ source code!) ~ 3) twodisk.htm: -the_gonz's An easy way to stop the guys (from Redmond) to snoop data inside your harddisk ~ links.htm & cocktail.htm & searmyst.htm & project9.htm: slightly updated ~ antsmut.htm: Triple T's easy smut sites cracking tips for beginners (part of ideale.htm!) ~ securom1.htm: Pedro's Securom's clever protection scheme debunked (With a new "GrimFandango" Addendum) (advanced cracking!) with an Addendum by +Xoanon ~ FOUR! reality cracking essays: 1) Hal Cioff's advert1.htm: A first stab against the advertisement lures ~ 2) Felipe's sublimi1.htm: Windows' logo subliminals ~ 3) Cioff's Reality cracking tools: suggestions ~ 4) infowarf.htm: fravia's "The power of reversing" (1): Reverse engineering, information warfare and cots ~ The Owl's Great books of our trade ~ javacral.htm: El Latigo's Java cracking, reversing applets java reversing for beginners ~ redirect.htm: Victor Porguen's Defeating File Integrity Checks Through Redirection (substituting an "unhacked" copy of the target instead of our cracked copy) ~ mamm_gip.htm: +Mammon's The great IDA primer updated (part of the How to Use our tools section) ~ search fravia's site!
12 November 1998
Ida enhancing ~ Chaos protections ~ Linux cracking ~ Timelock cracking ~ Politicians do indeed smell badly at times ~ legalities ~ IDA <> softice ~ site busting galore
Jean-Marc's enh_ida.htm: An IDA enhancer (patching the IDA.WLL) advanced, htu-tools ~ NiKoDeMoS' jn_essay.htm The New Chaos Protection, our protections ~ adq's adqlinu1.htm Linux cracking ~ How to crack in Linux without a disassembler ~ Marigold's marigo_4.htm: VBox The Hellraiser or the "paper tiger" by PreviewSystems, advanced, timelock ~ Cioff's halcio.htm: SHOULD THE COMPUTER INDUSTRY BE OUR PRIMARY TARGET? ("the politicians as the primary enemy"), realicra.htm ~ NotAnne's timeperc.htm Perception of Time, Calendars and Animals Felipe's findinges: fragra_1.htm: Fragrances smell badly! ~ legal1.htm: The+Starling's THE LEGAL PROTECTION OF COMPUTER PROGRAMS (part of legal.htm) ~ help.htm revamped ~ _Al's Converts IDA map file to a SoftIce SYM file (an ourtools.htm tool) ~ servexpl.htm: Rudycarell's Some nice site busting techniques ~
30 October 1998
Strainer's solutions! ~ deep into the code ~ Our tools galore ~ different modes ~ have a look at your dats! ~ good old Cute ~
THCU99.htm: Master +Aesculapius ' judgment solved by some of the most promising +crackers of the planet! GREAT READING! More solutions added... (for advanced protectors and reversers only) Advanced reversing!

The above section is a MUST for all reversers and protectors alike. Read, study, keep cool, learn... you have enough material in there for a couple of weeks!
coc_001.htm: Cup of Cats' When one key code works, why can't the rest of them? ~ Our tools galore! 3 essays: 1) swann_mm.htm: Swann's A New Toy: reversing the different 'modes' of a target ~ 2) laste_09.htm: adq's isDcc: An installshield Decompiler Advanced reversing ~ 3) getinfo.htm: Nikodemos (Jayke): The Quick Guide to Smashing those insidious *.DAT filez ~ cftp_pro.htm: The+Q's CuteFTP KeyFile Protection Advanced reversing ~ An encryption challenge: Jeremy Likness's challenge to all readers of my site ~ pilgrim.htm: Pilgrim's How to crack a PC-based FlexLm license manager ~ fragas1.htm: Lone Runner's WIN32 Api Hooks, The stub approach, Advanced reversing ~ tapu1.htm: Tapu's Cracking The Information Curtain, a reality cracking essay! ~ howtouse.htm: how to use our tools added ~ links.htm revamped
21 October 1998
Strainer's solutions! ~ Should we crack or reverse? ~ Dongle cracking ~ Text cracking ~ data cracking ~ IDA ~ good protections ~ outtiming time limits ~ No, I don't agree ~ bad and good essays
septem.htm: More autumnal thougts and even more feedback: Should we crack protections or just reverse? ~ dongle_n.htm: 932452's Two stupid dongle protections bite the dust, Dongle cracking ~ HCU essays aca100, 200, 300 and 400 revamped ~ project 0 revamped as example ~ awards page revamped ~ ductusu1.htm: VK's Landlord vs Tenant: a "text-exegesis" crack... reality cracking's text-reversing subsection! ~ bulga_1.htm: SvD's Data-reverse-engineering - Lesson 1 HCU papers ~ idaprim.htm: +Mammon's (and alia): IDA PRIMER How to use our tools ~ protec.htm: A good protection is NOT an impossible dream! ~ rebirth.htm: Douby's Outtiming the time limit and stack defeating two CRC checks, a very good beginners essay ~ : scarecro.htm: fravia's Scarecrow license agreements and how to defeat them, legal.htm ~ acaele1.htm: Knotty Dread's LIST OF GOOD AND BAD ESSAYS Cleaning fravia's site:-)
14 October 1998
Strainer's solutions! ~ Should we crack or reverse? ~ Bogus windows 98: Our own tools ~ McDonald's cracking
septem.htm: More autumnal thougts and even more feedback: Should we crack protections or just reverse? ~ twdaplog.htm: TWD's Looking inside your Windows 98... Finding an hidden incredible database inside your computer ourtools & Micro$oft bashing concealed cracking ~ ffoodre.htm: ABe*'s Know the shit you eat, or FAST FOODs, a reality cracing essay fast food cracking ~ necrophi.htm: Gossip's sexual tendencies and practices of necrophiliacs a first 'text cracking' essay! not for the sensible ones ~
04 October 1998
Strainer's solutions! ~ Should we crack or reverse? ~ "target unrelated" cracking ~ Our own tools ~ Admin ~ Heisenberg ~ CD-Rom protections ~ dongles ~ retaliate ~ strings
septem.htm: More autumnal thougts and even more feedback: Should we crack protections or just reverse? ~ crawicra.htm: fravia's Cracking without cracking: secrets of the operational art of war demo, "Target unrelated" cracking ~ twdrul1.htm: TWD's a simple utilitiy which is fine to look inside others people computers Our tools section ~ links.htm, cocktail.htm, aca100.htm and private.htm partly modified ~ reacrnn.htm: Pantheon's The exact science of guessing Intermediate Reality cracking ~ cdromch.htm: grasshopper's A CDRom check with a twist ~ "Target unrelated" cracking ~ hutcheq.htm: Hutch's get a full set of prototypes for ASM in a fast and automated way Our tools ~ fuhr_o1.htm: Dr Fuhrball's A slightly different kind of dongle cracking Advanced dongle cracking ~ sueall.htm: im/mu's Invoice EveryCorp for EveryThing another reality cracking tip. ~ tech01.htm: +MaLaTTiA's Reverse engineering techniques explained #01: string search Beginners' basic
23 September 1998
Should we crack or reverse? ~ DVD cracking ~ "target unrelated" cracking ~ M$ bashing ~ email stalking ~ counter intelligence
septem.htm: contributions to my September discussion ~ dvdfuhr.htm: Dr. Fuhrball's DIVX and DVD reversing, +HCU papers; DVD cracking ~ asc0.htm: Asc0's A crackme based on Aesculapius' algos, Our protections; "Target unrelated" cracking ~ wdasmcr.htm: Lazy Crack's Some useful points in using Wdasm89 as a debugger (Cracking Borland's Sidekick 98) Intermediate software reversing ~ bypaswin.htm: DeeEmAye's Bypassing Windows registrations Microsoft bashing Useful snippets ~ Micro$oft bashing revamped ~ info.htm: my public PGP 5 key added ~ ~ Gary Benson's Unconventional Access: My way into the Advanced Steganography pages Advanced Steganography ~ int_acc.htm: MML's Reversing Governmental Polices: Internet access for the masses (Anonymity Academy) Advanced anonimity ~ staltec1.htm: fravia's Simple email stalking techniques (Anonymity Academy) Enemy stalking ~ there's now also an experimental message board for all people hanging around at fravia's ~ couninte.htm: Crackers' Counter intelligence: An interesting emailexchange between Brandon Van Every and Russ Williams: The Economics of Piracy ~ Advanced javascript: +mISu's A real solution using backtracking Advanced javascript
16 September 1998
Should we crack or reverse? ~ Advanced reality cracking ~ softice dump, version 4 ~ Sects and altruism cracking ~ Zip and Rar reversing ~ "target unrelated" cracking
septem.htm: contributions to my September discussion ~ reacraus.htm: Getting deeper into reality cracking: (<predator>'s fascinating rantings on an essay by Curious George) Advanced reality cracking ~ icedump4.htm: release 4 of TheOwl's winice dumper, one of our tools. Advanced software reversing ~ joarea1.htm: Joa's Sect cracking, a first attempt Reality cracking ~ altruis1.htm: Deep dt's Altruism and charity, a reversing attempt Reality cracking ~ crunchi6.htm: Joa's Little essay about the various methods and viewpoints of crunching. Part VI: The secret of Zip and Rar (LZW explained) Software reversing Papers ~ symbo_1.htm: sYmbol's KeyLBE32.DLL, why would you use this to protect your program? "Target unrelated" cracking ~ patch_1.htm: Daniel's A Free Win32 Patching Utility, Our tools; "Target unrelated" cracking ~ cyberme.htm: Sanity's Cracking an uninstaller, [Filemonitor & Deadlisting] Most stupid protections; "Target unrelated" cracking ~ asc0.htm: Asc0's A crackme based on Aesculapius' algos, Our protections; "Target unrelated" cracking ~
08 September 1998
Reopening after a long while: my site will change ~ windows 98 fooled ~ Hooking operating systems ~ A very stupid commercial protection ~ reality cracking ~ advanced site busting ~ Linux advanced cracking
septem.htm: I now consider "silly" protection cracking useless, therefore the part of my site that deals with software protection will change radically ~ ideale5.htm: server exploits you can really use Advanced site busting ~ win98tut.htm: Bypassing Win98 FULL Version's serial check "without cracking", by IH8U (Micro$oft bashing) Intermediate ~ pna3.htm: PNA's How to hook any API function in kernel32.dll Advanced paper ~ mre2.htm: About keyfiles, generators and protections Beginners ~ shampa1.htm: Makoli's Reversing Shampoo, a short Reality cracking essay. ~ compro2.htm: LSD's: An incredibly stupid "commercial" Protection Programmer's corner Intermediate ~ siulflex.htm: SiuL+Hacky's Linux advanced cracking: flexlm Advanced ~ wdasmcr.htm:
31 July 1998
Preparing for holydays ~ stalking on the web ~ search engines' vagaries ~ reversing information ~ ready made protections are weak ~ some good ideas for protectors
On friday 31 July I'll publish the LAST UPDATE until september: I'm leaving the web for a whole month. +gthorne (gthorne(at)cyberspace(point)com) has the "keys" to this site if anything REALLY URGENT needs to be updated/modified!
enemy.htm: a new introduction about stalking people on the web Intermediate enemy tracking ~ searmyst.htm: fravia's search engines' vagaries (reversing SE's bots) Intermediate ~ links.htm revamped ~ reveinfo.htm: reversing information, some examples from 'The Economist' (as part of the reality cracking section). ~ dllshow1.htm: A+heist's reversing dllshow, a very simple snippet for beginners Beginners ~ xoano_27.htm: +Xoanon's Another readymade sotware protection (Intellisecure R2) dies Intermediate ~ monitor.htm: MisterE's Keyfiles: Monitor/RA v1.80 and the 'hidden protection' idea Beginners ~ rcnewht.htm: Cracking an encrypted dll scheme: Virtual Turntables 1.5 (from the programmer's corner section) Intermediate ~ lanpat.htm: Stalking people on the web: reversing language patterns Advanced enemy tracking
25 July 1998
Reversing stress ~ no nag screens please ~ A strategic great game that you probably already have ~ back to MKS toolkit ~ commercial protections are no-no-no articles ~ nasty protections: are they useful?
paulwils.htm: Wilson's REVERSING STRESS ("modern Zen" reality cracking methods) ~ bbnag1.htm: bb's Simulating User Input to Eliminate Nag Screens (an +HCU paper) Intermediate ~ rezget_1.htm: +ReZiDeNt: Reverse Engineering Gettysburg: Demos can be more than they seem Intermediate ~ bbdrlan2.htm: bb's MKS toolkit revisited Intermediate ~ neto_01.htm: Miguel Neto's How to crack another commercial "ready made" protection (timelock style) Intermediate ~ sealight.htm and searengi.htm revamped ~ neto3.htm: Miguel Neto's HTMLPad: A nasty protection Intermediate
20 July 1998
kill those popup banners! ~ ultraedit revisited ~ Linux/X reverse engineering ~ Micro$oft's machinations exposed
gtbankil.txt: +gthorne's javascript banner killer Advanced ~ uedilas.htm: Miguel Neto's UltraEdit 5.1 ~ A time trial crack ~ rezilin.htm: +ReZiDeNt's Reverse Engineering a Linux/X Target ~ entran.htm: fravia's entrance page, and index.htm: fravia's front page revamped ~ shellex.htm: Mr. Shellex's ShellExecute and Your Default Browser, Micro$oft's bashing
15 July 1998
Publisher '97 and '98 ~ more about passwords ~ reality cracking ~ faul protections
salinas.htm: Salinas' Micro$oft Publisher 97: Crack it and Drop it! Micro$oft's bashing beginners ~ ideale.htm: password introduction revamped ~ prophe2.htm: Prophecy: Dirtbike: a cute protection scheme Intermediate ~ withles1.htm: Hedwig Blastock's Anti-consumistic frugality tricks Reality Cracking tricks ~ billboar.htm: The Media Foundation's Adding the Blemish of Truth : How to Alter a Billboard Reality Cracking tools ~ snooty2.htm: Snootys Unprotecting unprotectors ; or how AccessData failed itself by relying on StopCopy Programmer's corner Intermediate
10 July 1998
HTML cracking ~ Linux disassembling ~ Opera reversing ~ Crunching along ~ keygenerators ~ anti-advertising
iebug2.htm: Cryptopoulos' How to bypass Micro$oft Internet Explorer security html cracking ~ siullin2.htm: SiuL+Hacky's Ltrace. The Tool (Linux disassembling) Advanced ~ help.htm revamped ~ ozyma1.htm: Ozymandias' Our tools: Opera 3.21 crack beginners ~ newbies.htm revamped ~ crunch5.htm: Joa's Little essay about the various methods and viewpoints of crunching (5 - Interlude and the Mystery of Lempel-Ziv Part I) Intermediate ~ malamirc.htm: +Malattia's mIRC 5.* a key generator explained Intermediate ~ reality cracking: conself2.htm: +Insiderbetraying's Consumer self-defense: an anti-advertisement tutorial Intermediate
29 June 1998
Commercial stupidity one and two ~ search engines (and inferences!) ~ Coprocessor's protection schemes ~ reversing magazines
xava_27.htm, by XaVaX: PhotoShop 5.0 / Digimarc 1.6.82, Commercial stupidity is alive & well Codesilly example ~ cynapp1.htm: by cYnAppZ: Most stupid protections award: copy your own working serial number from the *.cfg file Codesilly example ~ searengi.htm revamped ~ wyatt_vb.htm: Wyatt's Visual basic cracking: Wave Events v2.0 Intermediate software reverser ~ mammo_29.htm: +Mammon_'s Page Faults (reversing magazines) a reality cracking essay! Intermediate reality cracker
18 June 1998
Crunching food for your teeth ~ It's a long long way to get rid of M$IE ~ all the agoras of the world
crunch3.htm: Joa's Little essay about the various methods and viewpoints of crunching (3 - Adapting to the sources (Huffman revisited) Intermediate ~ uninstms.htm: fravia's It's a long long way to get rid of M$IE (as part of the Micro$oft bashing series) Intermediate ~ crunch4.htm: Joa's Little essay about the various methods and viewpoints of crunching (4 - Leaving Huffman and entering the realms of R'lyeh Intermediate ~ howtosea.htm revamped ~ boyd1.htm: G.E.Boyd's list of operational and defunct agora and mail servers Advanced ~ index.htm revamped
15 June 1998
D'you really know what your software is doing when you are asleep? ~ reality (food) cracking ~ how stupid is Nokia? ~ timelock revisited
mmstory.htm: fravia's What's behind the mm256.dat and mm2048.dat files? (as part of the Micro$oft bashing series) Intermediate ~ danadd1.htm: Maxine's Dangerous food additives (reversing labels) (part of the reality cracking section) ~ frogpr3.htm: Frog's Print's The Simlock saga (snippet from a real 1998 +HCU seminar) Intermediate ~ xoa_126.htm: Xoanon's PreviewParadise R.I.P. (vboxed programs... bye bye!) (part of the timelock project) Intermediate ~ hutsting.htm: SLH's Applying the sting(Last part of a great tutorial into windows "tight" coding) paper
10 June 1998
Crunching papers first part ~ Windows for assembly buff, part six ~ reality (subliminal) cracking
crunchi2.htm: Joa's Little essay about the various methods and viewpoints of crunching (2 - Probability and Crunching) Intermediate ~ awards.htm revamped ~ sublimi.htm: Dr. Lechnar's Subliminal Advertising: What's hidden in the Microsoft's logo, from the reality cracking section! ~ hutchif1.htm: SLH's The iron fist(Keeping The Crackers Amused) paper
06 June 1998
Crunching papers, an introduction ~ keygen or not keygen? ~ Windows graphics from an assembly viewpoint ~ reality (bodily) cracking
crunchi1.htm: Joa's Little essay about the various methods and viewpoints of crunching (1- Introduction) Intermediate ~ misu1.htm: +mISu's The PicaView32 KeyGenerator (keygenerators in C++) Intermediate ~ hutch_65.htm: SLH's The Eye Of The Warrior (a "graphical" windows' paper) ~ rebodila.htm: +Azzeccagarbugli's An attempt at reversing body language; from the great reality cracking section!
01 June 1998
Crackers that debug and repare their own targets ~ stubborn webmasters ~ digging to light disappeared +ORC's lessons ~ CD-rom protections
q_tv0601.htm Q's "Fixing" AIMS-Lab's VH-TV Program" Intermediate ~ kent_com.htm: "How commercial trends are transforming the web from a great provider of CONTENT into a nightmare of utterly useless banner clicking" a small real life lesson, by fravia+ ~ An old 1996 "disappeared" lesson by +ORC found on the Web, read the whole story (and the lesson) on greythorne's site! historically relevant! ~ q_tsr601.htm: Q's A different approach cracking a DOS CD-protection Intermediate ~
29 May 1998
Bie bie dongles, how to code effectively in windoze and how empty we all are
bayu3.htm "Undocumented HASP 3 (no more security through obscurity)" Advanced ~ history: History of my site revamped ~ hutch28.htm: SLH's fourth paper! "Software warriors through the warp" (+HCU papers) ~ reality1.htm: IcE's "Reversing Reality, a first stab", a reality cracking small essay
25 May 1998
How to search... more antismut cracking...
how to search A new (tenth) lesson by your +truly! (light version) ~ ideale.htm: Crackers against commercial smut section: smutemai.htm A polite conversation between a commercial smutsites nuker and a commercial smutsite owner ~ sealight.htm The quick search engines page ~ searengi.htm revamped search engines page ~ winasm_1.htm: Masta's The resurrection of assembly programming - Essay nr. 1 Intermediate ~ links.htm: revamped links page ~ botstart.htm: Fravia's bot trapping and agent reversing page, add ons
21 May 1998
How to search... a nice paper... a taste of Hawaii...
rude45.htm: The RudeBoy's Reversing Packed Targets, an exercise in reversing for reversing's sake Intermediate ~ javascript wars: advanced javascript page: fravia's A sticky nice little trick Intermediate ~ tek1.htm Tek's Palmpilot reversing: Experience a brand new taste in cracking Intermediate ~ saruma1.htm: Saruman's great The Penetration of CyberSitter'97 (deserved death of a pathetical censorware) Intermediate ~ hutquest.htm SLH's THE QUEST: Building the launch pad (+HCU papers) ~ Goth's sales1.htm: SalesAgent 3.0: Rsagnt32.dll, TurnKey and Me Useful for programmers!
16 May 1998
A new "bot" section, various essays (and the last BEGINNERS essay)...
botstart.htm: Fravia's BOT TRAPPING AND BOT WARS, a first attempt to trap web robots in order to reverse them... THE FIRST FOUR ESSAYS: Must read section for all web warriors ~ student.htm: has been DISCONTINUED, and will not be updated in the near future, redirect to aca300.htm important ~ prophe_1.htm: Prophecy's BEGINNERS: An introduction to code generation routines: reversing Teleport Pro v1.29 the LAST beginners' essay on my site ~ hutch_61.htm: SLH's The Bridge: In Pursuit Of Lost Knowledge The programmer... has no option but to go lower level Must read
11 May 1998
Two advanced essays! (and my daughter's fifth birthday :-)
crlvent7.htm: JaZZ's Corel Ventura 7 trial: Crack it the hard way Advanced ~ HCU papers: iceext1.htm: Iceman's "Extending Softice serie" ("Zauberreversing"): Extending NuMega's SoftIce for Windows 95 using Protected Mode Debugger services API Advanced
8 May 1998
A new subsection, nice and important essays... And our new Visual Assembler!
searengi.htm: updated ~ reanews.htm Reality cracking "news": +Atheist has started a new (interesting) subsection of my page... contributions are welcomed ~ rudebo21.htm: Rudeboy's Four "atomic" cracking approaches! Intermediate ~ ether1.htm: Ether's BEGINNERS, the PSP protection again Beginners ~ marycri1.htm: Marigold's Instant removing of CrypKey (together with a lock) Unwrapping the wrapped Intermediate/advanced ~ winasm_0.htm: Masta's The resurrection of assembly programming - Essay nr. 0 Intermediate ~ hutch1.htm: SLH's Future Vision: The supression and resurrection of assembler programming Recent programming history cracking for crackers! Must read
The +HCU is hiring c and asm coders for our new "Vis ual assembler" project, which is florishing thank to +Mammon and the mighty help of +ReZiDeNt!, have a look and collaborate!
e-mail +Mammon
5 May 1998
Advanced and intermediate readings! The 1999 strainer!
THCU99.htm: Master +Aesculapius' strainer, a beautiful set of challenges for intermediate and advanced crackers and protectors!
rezide7z.htm: +Rezident's Reverse Engineering a Compressed Target (Phase I) Intermediate ~ marigbox.htm: Marigold's Opening a Vbox full of worms: PreviewParadise lost Advanced ~ ind_tra1.htm: +Indian_Trail's BEGINNERS: Pluckit 3.0 Hip Hip Hurray for Smartcheck (how to fish a serial number from any Visual Basic program) Beginners ~ casmw652.htm: Shaman's How to crack an hardcore dongle-protected program Advanced ~ littlejo1.htm: Little John's Visual Basic Unprotection (Programmers: don't protect with visual basic!)
3 May 1998
more essays, more additions/corrections
rezel1.htm: ReZeL's BEGINNERS: A correction/addition to RudeBoy's essay Beginners ~ hs2l_22.htm: Hs2L's Web Browser emulation (Letting web pages get less info about you) Intermediate ~ origin_1.htm: MML's Cracking MicroCal Origin 5.0 in 3 Simple Ways (a crippled targets project) Intermediate ~ dynam_1.htm: +dynamite's BEGINNERS: Why should we crack a program that DOES NOT CHANGE if you register it? Beginners ~ sandma1.htm Sandman's How to crack ANY program that uses the TL32V2.DLL! (Numega's own project 2 an addition to Harwi's essay) Intermediate
27 Apr 1998
some essays
new_archi.htm: The total reset protection scheme, by Archimede, Intermediate ~ new_0101.htm: How to search: The phf exploit, by +Thor Intermediate ~ new_anor.htm: a short essay about usign a new type of protections: design your own cpu, by anormal/kindergarten advanced ~ tools.htm: Bare Hex Opcodes And Mnemonics, a zipped, hlp format file. ~ canterbu1.htm: Masher's Getright: the beast within Intermediate ~ VucoeT's vuctut01.htm: BEGINNERS: CheckPop 1.1 for Windoze95/98/NT4 by Nevis Systems Beginners ~ ne_khab1.htm: Menu disable and active by Register Number Intermediate
23 Apr 1998
Advanced steganography, et alia
(fravia's re-opens after a long holyday freeze) ~ Advanced steganography: Caprine's work: A great dragon known as Steganos Intermediate ~ Buy PC-PLUS May 1998 (UK review) with the complete Borland C++ 4,52 (and BRW!!)... Borland PC Builder, usw... for just 6 Euro :-) Very Important (for all reversers that still don't have a legitimate copy of BRW) ~ netscan3.htm What's new with timelock3.1 ?, by JaZZ Intermediate ~ new_kha.htm Kabhoet's BEGINNERS: NJWin 1.6 Checksum Cracking Beginners
3 Apr 1998
Good old reversing techniques
Microsoft bashing: TWD's twd_ms_.htm BEGINNERS: Visual Sourcesafe Beginners ~ Software protection history!: 123dos.htm: Tomboy's Reinitializing Lotus 1-2-3 DOS, historical versions Intermediate ~ kk_cunei.htm: F__kingcrazy's How to perform some magic reversing with good old BRW Intermediate ~ capedcr.htm: CapedCrusader's A complete, nake protection code: Cracking WinZip32 Intermediate ~ aitor003.htm: +Aitor's Reverse Engineering MATLAB 5 - Part III: Licenses Intermediate ~ entropy1.htm: Entropy's DartPro 32 Cracking, a crippled 'save' with encryption mechanism Intermediate
26 Mar 1998
Advanced steganography, advanced javascript
Advanced steganography: Edi's work: I had to reverse engineer steganos again, on my own Advanced ~ Advanced Javascript: Tom's: A "ponderated" vocabulary approach to advanced javascript Advanced ~ Devious Javascript: Tom's: bozo cracks java Advanced ~ Devious Javascript: MR's: myown511.htm: the DECIDING sentence Intermediate ~ awards.htm: new awards
20 Mar 1998
Steganography, menial work and reversing
Advanced steganography page: Steganography Thumbprinting Advanced ~ help.htm: revamped ~ info.htm: revamped ~ links.htm: Frog's Print winshow added ~ papers.htm: Iceman's WIN32 - Inside Debug API added ~ reality cracking: Pranks as introduction to reality cracking, by Rhiddler ~ Advanced cracking: In memory patching: Three approaches, by Stone Advanced ~ redla1.htm: Red Lantern's Cracking Rightime: Encryption and checksums in a small DOS utility Intermediate
16 Mar 1998
Reality, Papers and BEGINNERS galore
reality cracking: Martine Joly's Rhetoric of advertisement (a "Marlboro Classic" Advertisement analyzed) Expert ~ papers.htm: HCU PAPERS: Iceman work: Tweaking with memory in Window95 ~ rudeboy.htm: Thinking Like a Cracker, a lesson for BEGINNERS ~ panthe.htm: BEGINNERS: Big tent, little circus by The Nameless (Most stupid protection award) ~ siceinst.htm: The Ultimate Beginner - Session 1: SoftICE Install for Beginners, by i_magnus
12 Mar 1998
Protection and Encryption
Bram van Dartel's List of free page providers, free CGI scripts and whatever ~ protecti.htm: Jack of Shadows's A modified +Aesculapius protection Advanced ~ +Indian_Trail's Winrar [95] the other path (Encryption Mechanism) Intermediate ~ Reality cracking: Maxine+'s Consumer trends cracking some tricks ~ bajunny: Undocumented HASP - Part II Advanced
08 Mar 1998
Java and freepages
Devious javascript page how to land in devious the easy way, by Roady & Two Paths To Success by JimBob & FravBecca by Gabtis ~ Omar's List of Free Page Providers ~ Bram van Dartel's List of free page providers, free CGI scripts and whatever ~ Advanced javascript page: javascript password brutecracker by Roady ~ awards.htm: updated ~ dukeess.htm: Inside the VB3 .EXE (tokens and other marvels) Intermediate
04 Mar 1998
Stego, cracking and the good old dos times
Advanced Steganography page: Steganos, The Duke of Earl, and The Dancing Men by Joe Peschel ~ madlas1.htm: Dongle Dejavu, by MaD ~ zee_inst.htm: Zeezee's Decompiling InstallShield scripts and guidelines for decompiler writers ~ madmasu.htm: madmax! Cracking using KERNEL32.DLL Advanced ~ oldiegoo.htm: FootSteps' Oldies but Goodies ~ entra.htm revamped ~ Javascript: an easier entrance to the 'devious' javascript page!
01 Mar 1998
Advanced Javascript, searching and protecting
Advanced Javascript page: Ken's mighty tool for javascript password reversing. Advanced ~ Javascript 'devious' page: Azazel's solution: reaching the protected part Advanced ~ Our protections: Master +Aesculapius' response to Jack of Shadows Useful for protectors! ~ Surreal5's advanced searching: Two snippets Advanced ~ siulinux.htm: SiuL+Hacky's reversing Linux: the chances Advanced
28 Feb 1998
Advanced 'devious' javascript page: Jack of Shadows's "Devious snippets: Collection of different approaches" Advanced ~ Zeezee's InstallShield scripts (1 of 2)... compiler DLL ~ snippets.htm: The_Gimp's MORE DOS4GW STUFF: CD ROM / 3DFX Cracking ~ Our protections: Jack of Shadows's "Reversing +Aesculapius: A complete explanation of a very good assembler protection" Advanced/Expert ~ advanced.htm: The Owl: beta release 3 of the winice dumper Expert
26 Feb 1998
Expert cracking
Our tools: Natzgul's "wisdec" (Installshield decompiler) Expert ~ Our protections: Master +Aesculapius' 100% assembly 'future generation' protection Expert ~ Hs2L's smartc_2.htm: An example of VB Cracking using SmartCheck ~ links.htm Some links updated and added ~ bayu_2.htm: Undocumented HASP - part I, by -bajunny Expert
24 Feb 1998
Searching, the sublime art
How to search: Surreal5's search tips (introduction and first lesson) Advanced ~ How to search: Cassandra's fetcher and Cassandra's stalker Advanced ~ Surreal5's search tips: (second lesson) Advanced ~ Surreal5's search tips: (third lesson) Advanced ~ Advanced Javascript page: Jack of Shadows'Know Thy Language! Advanced
21 Feb 1998
javascript, dongles and reality
Advanced ("devious") javascript page: How to land in devious by Peter Papazov Advanced ~ reality cracking: Fond manager cracking, by Curious George and Maxine+ ~ Jack of Shadows: Dongles are NOT dead! (programmers: use them!) Useful for protectors!
19 Feb 1998
javascript galore!
what_new introduced ~ Advanced Javascript page: Thru the Java Door by WeLuv Advanced ~ +HCU trainers and contests: links.htm: gettysburg cracking: a complete version "scn" file! Intermediate ~ Advanced Javascript page: The 'easy' javascript entrance: A recursive approach, by SPLiCE Advanced ~ Javascript entrance: New advanced page (javdevio.htm: targeted access) Advanced ~ Javascript entrance: new stupid password protection for beginners (j_ridcul.htm) Beginners
17 Feb 1998
soft and real reversing!
hal_oper.htm: Use Opera! (Bye Bye Navigator ?) with an add-on by Lord Lucifer Beginners ~ maddon_1.htm: DONGLES: The weak brothership between hard- and software Intermediate ~ natz_mp2.htm: How to access the memory of a process (i.e. Game Trainer, Process Patcher etc.) Advanced ~ ath_sta1.htm: Statistical cracking: basics: cracking lotteries (reality cracking section)
13 Feb 1998
soft and steg reversing!
BLACK FRIDAY attack: all pages on Sharp's server have been censored, have a look for yourself awful ~ halva_3.htm: SOFTWrapper: wrapping galore Intermediate ~ dong_mad.htm: Unplugging a dongle protection Intermediate ~ mrf_steg.htm: How to reverse engineer Steganos (First step) Intermediate
12 Feb 1998
soft and steg reversing!
jonla_13.htm: BEGINNERS: KeyGenerator for AddItem, by Jon ~ natz51.htm: InstallSHIELD Script Cracking, A tutorial by NaTzGUL Advanced ~ Advanced steganography page: "an answer to Flynn", by Caprine ~ spirit_1.htm: RealPlayer Plus 4.0: the "dummy code check" trick, by sPIRIT and HellRaiser Intermediate
11 Feb 1998
real, soft and steg reversing!
real_geo.htm: An Essay Attempting to Justify the Relationship Between Code Cracking and Reality Cracking ~ xavax1.htm: Cracking the ShareLock Protection System (SHRLK20.DLL), by XaVaX ~ Advanced Javascript page: "a java class used to reach it", by Chris Intermediate
10 February 1998A Journey within Steganos 'light version', by Jean Flynn Intermediate ~ Advanced steganography page modified ~ stego.htm page modified ~ "A Journey within Steganos" 'advanced version', by Jean Flynn Advanced ~ New snippet by Snatch: Numega use your brains (Cracking Installshield serials) Intermediate ~ advanced javascript page: a new essay by Tomba: "A deductive & recursive way into Fravia's java-pages"
08 February 1998fuhrba_3.htm: Dr Fuhrball's Marx Crypto Box, the most Secure device ever made Intermediate ~ drfuh5.htm Dr Fuhrball's treatment on the hardware side of accessing eeproms (with three gifs) Advanced ~ donjo2.htm Fallen's Cracked Metal, runtime dll creation Useful for protectors! ~ project9.htm (Micro$oft bashing) revamped ~ entra.htm revamped ~ formamus.htm revamped
02 February 1998Advanced Javascript page: two C programs: "how to build a password parser (english word-order)", by Syko and "how to reach the javascript advanced page", by EpicLord ~ lordthu1.htm: VXDennis the menace, fun with VRAMDIR v1.07 ~ entra.htm revamped ~ dimit_12.htm: TRAP Ver 1.13: Opcode generators and selfchanging code Useful for protectors! ~ edi1.htm: How to crack HTMLedPro32 2.0d: Destroy them to make them work
29 January 1998fp_dong1.htm: Frog's Print "Dongle Bashing" essay: Dongles bye bye Advanced ~ New search lessons by Robin Hood ~ how to search section Revamped ~ quine_51.htm: A new essay about IDA enhancing! Advanced ~ help.htm and newbyes.htm slightly modified ~ New snippets by Cybercurve and MAD '96 Beginners ~ Reality cracking: a small answer to MrWho, by Bob
27 January 1998Javascript section: new material and dark1.htm another simple javascript site-protection ~ realicra.htm: reality cracking section revamped ~ with a new essay by MrWho and a new Essay by +ORC
25 January 1998index.html (this page) revamped ~ searengi.htm revamped search engines ~ links.htm revamped links ~ sear0198.htm new how to search the web lesson (and reversing competition :-) ~ New revamped Javascript section entrances and help! ~ phony.htm modified ~ pageadvi.htm: the new antispam section ~ snikkel.htm modified
22 January 1998project3.htm ~ "How to undongle" revamped ~ spyder_4.htm: SSI Win32 Dongle Protection Intermediate ~ Mammon's first findings workshop ~ A new snippet by +RMD: How to make a MSGBOX work for YOU ~ and I notice that my new Javascript web protection is more strong that I would have thought... few came through it on the other side! :-)
20 January 1998New formamus.htm for submitting essays... please CHANGE your older models, this one prints better Important! ~ quine_h1: Quine's long awaited terrific "De-HASPING" essay Expert! ~ Marigold is tackling timelock 3!: "tl303inj!PleaseTraceIntoMe_MrCracker" Intermediate ~ New help.htm ~ aitor_45.htm: InstallShield Packages Encryption Intermediate ~ projunpa.htm revamped ~ dph-man's "thoughts on key checking methods that are hard to reverse engineer" Useful for protectors!
18 January 1998entrance to the advanced (revamped) javascript page Advanced ~ Our protections ~ +RCG new protection approach: "how to take Softice on a boat ride" Advanced
17 January 1998Our Tools project started by +RCG Advanced ~ more snippets ~ New additions for the Packers & Unpackers project ~ a new essay about OCX Control Highlights and Licensing schemes (inter alia) Intermediate ~ rcg_cmsp.htm and marigold.htm added ~ Visual Basic project page updated
14 January 1998Our protections ~ +RCG new "vxd" protection approach: "A first introduction to vxd"; "Cryptography and mathematics of chaos"; crypto.exe, vxd.vxd and heavy.exe.
An incredibly interesting new section, seen that Micro$oft's vxd documentation is laughable and that you wont be able to find all too much about on the web! Advanced ~ snickel.htm, altF4j_a.htm, ajtor1.htm and banda7.htm added
8 January 1998hcu98_3.htm ~ Ringing the bell for this year's +HCU courses Restricted ~ hr_ferr1.htm added
5 January 1998whatdika.htm added ~ whoson.htm added ~ noanon.htm modified ~ jongamcr.htm added
4 January 1998help.htm modified ~ formamus.htm: rules for submitting essays modified ~ new essay by Fabian Hansmann (Steganos' Author): Fighting steganography detection ~ stego.htm page modified ~ advanced steganography page modified ~ blackboard re-opened ~ x861.htm modified ~ little_1.htm (Little-John on Winrar) added ~ altf4cjw.htm modified
3 January 1998stego.htm: new password for advanced URL ~ s-tools4 images added ~ advanced steganography page modified


- 01 dec: orc.htm: +ORC's C3 lesson ('Iabrowse revealed')
- 14 dec: orc.htm: +ORC's 9(2) lesson (psp)
- 18 feb: orc.htm: +ORC's 9(3) lesson ('dead listing')
- 20 feb: search7.htm: new search lesson
- 27 feb: student.htm: first three students lessons
- 12 Mar: stalking.htm: The stalking page 
- 13 Mar: slaves.htm: the supermarket enslavement (An article by +ORC)
- 14 Mar: couninte.htm: the counter intelligence page
- 27 Mar: orc.htm: +ORC's lesson 4.1
- 15 Apr: ideale.htm: Crackers against commercial smut Updated!
- 27 Apr: corporate.htm:  how to hyde your activities at work!
- 28 Apr: orc.htm:  new lesson 4.2! (Micro$oft trial protections! Great!)
- 29 Apr: body.htm: enslavement techniques: body language and hypnotic tricks 
- 05 May: tools.htm: NEW and POWERFUL tools  
- 09 May: razzia.htm: Visual Basic *.dll cracking! 
- 10 May: project2.htm: how to crack the 14 days Winice trial protecton 
- 12 May: howto93.htm: +Orc sends a correction to the howto93.htm
- 13 May: javaco1.htm: Get rid of all people using Micro$oft Internet explorer
- 23 May: index.html: Two new tutorials!
- 30 Jun: Page reopens after a whole month freeze
- 08 Jul: orc.htm: link to the old Money demo v. 3.00 used in the strainer!
- 15 Jul: newbies.htm: a word for the confused ones
- 19 Jul: blackbo.htm: introduction of the blackboard
- 01 Aug: fravia.htm: a new reverse engineering lesson! (filemon1.htm and filemon2.htm)
- 17 Aug: project1.htm: new hexeditor project (project1) started
- 21 Aug: orc.htm: a letter from +ORC! +ORC reopens a bilateral channel! 
- 27 Aug: astonish.htm: all Windoze NT users turned into System administrators 
- 02 Sep: filemon5.htm: Vxd vagaries and mysteries (first part) 
- 10 Sep: useful.htm: special tools  
- 16 Sep: solution.htm: new +HCU graduates!  
- 12 Oct: Page reopens after 15 days freeze (and gets 3000 hits per day :-)  
- 13 Oct: academy.htm: academy database partitioned!   
- 27 Oct: rules.htm: please read the "rules" for submitting essays! s
- 28 Oct: snippets.htm: new section: snippets 
- 29 Oct: newuni.htm: +ORC alive and kicking :-) 
- 04 Nov: sear1197.htm: how to search, a new lesson: combing and klebing  
- 08 Nov: noanon.htm#anchoranoaca: Fravia's Anonymity Academy  
- 09 Nov: tekles1.htm: Cracking for dummies 1: "Birth of a cracker"  
- 13 Nov: progcor.htm: The 'shareware programmer' corner 
- 25 Nov: migrating to
- 27 Nov: ideale.htm: new CGI-script reversing page (ideale4.htm) 
- 28 Nov: protecti.htm: New tough protection by +Rcg  
- 29 Nov: wlcmaz.htm: New Database (Cracking The Maze Of Essays At fravia+ Web Site)  
- 05 Dic: netles2.htm: Cracking for dummies 2: "The difficult years"  
- 07 Dic: javascri.htm: Javascript section started  
- 14 Dic: flipvb1.htm: some answer to flipper's "tough" visual basic protection  
- 16 Dic: corporate.htm and noanon.htm revamped
- 22 Dic: stego.htm: basic (and may be advanced) steganography!

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