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Visual Basic reverse engineering

Visual Basic
Visual Basic reversing

project started in may 1997
last update: October 1999
redCourtesy of Fravia's page of reverse engineering
Our Visual Basic project
A most important project, since this language, overbloated as it may be, is getting, thank Micro$oft's money and clout, more and more widespread... as you'll see perusing these essays, Visual Basic demonstrates ad abundantiam a well know reversing paradox: the more overbloated the language used for a protection scheme, the more easy it is to tackle it "from underneath" and cut its belly with our razor sharp assembly knifes!
There is a quite interesting lesson for shareware programmers and other wannabye protectors in here:
Therefore, DO NOT USE visual basic... or if you really think you must, at least prepare your protection schemes in assembly, so learn assembly, so forget Visual Basic... it's the devil (cracker) circle! :-)

PHASE 1 by Razzia:

How to crack all Visual Basic programs, 09 May 1997
(a real, great tutorial) -

PHASE 2 by +Sync:

Visual Basic 4 cracking for newbyes, 13 May 1997
(hardwired passwords in stupid programs) -

PHASE 3 by +Zer0:

A decompiler is enough!, 16 July 1997
An important lesson for visual basic shareware programmers -

PHASE 4 by Frog's print:

A decompiler is more than enough!, 20 July 1997
Another important lesson for visual basic shareware programmers -

PHASE 5 by +PopJack:

Reverse Engineering VBX Custom Controls, 26 September 1997
VBX custom controls - an introduction

PHASE 6 by flipper:

An Explanation of how Make_Mak for Visual Basic Works, 20 October 1997
A Visual Basic tough protection?

PHASE 7 by sth:

Visual Basic - VB40032.DLL comparison code, 21 October 1997
Visual Basic 4.0 how-to additions to Razzia's writings and Softice BPX problems

PHASE 8 by fravia+:

Like watching a movie!, 7 November 1997
An interesting tool: Numega's Smartcheck

PHASE 9 by +drlan:

MCSE MCNE tests - BeachFront Quizzer, 7 November 1997
Visual Basic: the weak point inside VBRUN300.DLL

PHASE A by intruder mexelite97:

Happy VB5 cracking, 20 December 1997
Blackwindow's demise ~ IF visual basic THEN cracked at once

PHASE B by +PopJack:

OCX Control Highlights - Licensing schemes, 17 January 1998
the OC25.dll Ord{027Eh} call trick

PHASE C by Hs2L:

An example of VB Cracking using SmartCheck, 25 February 1998
Mighty Smartcheck!

PHASE D by Duke

Inside the VB3 .EXE, 08 March 1998
An exploration of the inner workings and structure of the Visual Basic 3 Executable file

PHASE E by +Indian_Trail

BEGINNERS: Pluckit 3.0 Hip Hip Hurray for Smartcheck, 04 May 1998
Smartchecking a registration number

PHASE F by Little-John

Visual Basic Unprotection... , 04 May 1998
Programmers: don't protect with visual basic!

Let's "rationalize"... (ready for the great perl scripts... :-)
29 June 98 Wyatt ~ wyatt_vb.htm Visual Basic Coprocessor cracking: Wave Events v2.0 proj 8 ~fra_0132
03 October 99 CyberBlade ~ cb_vb6_1.htm VB6-Pcode Reversing - Cracking a VB6-Pcode Crackme, visual basic reversing proj 8 ~fra_0132

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