Reversing gods
Let's be clear, my friends: in the reversing arenas we are - with few exceptions - but "small ones", at time even good and clever, at times even able to teach something to the 'reversing establishment' but alltogether "dilettantes" nonetheless. Small tiny web-reversers, lost in the dark codewoods, that's what we are - more or less.

Yet, luckily, there are real Reversing Gods out there, and the aim of this section of my site is to make sure that any young wannabie cracker or reverser will get acquainted with them. In due time i'll add biographies, bibliographic references and -above all- the incredible collection of powerful tools or tutorials or books that these gods have published over the last 15 years. As you'll soon see, even small C programs can be extremely useful, as ideas, as paths, as small concentrates of precious lore and knowledge, to be used when we are lost inside the darkness of alien code, for protection and light purposes.

courtesy of fravia's pages of reverse engineering

This Lab will allow you to find utilities, or tutorials, or writings, published by the following "reversing gods":
[Andrew Schulman] ~ [Jim Kyle] ~ [Matt Pietrek] ~ [+ORC] ~ [Quine] ~ [Stone] ~ [Saltine]
This section is in fieri (started July 1999) so don't complain: shut up and wait and send contributions
(especially biographical ones).



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