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October 1999
Smut sites busting

"Crackers against commercial smut"

(Fravia explains elementary CGI-tricks)
red A general approach
red combing
red source checking
red cgi reverse engineering: one
redcgi reverse engineering: two
redServer exploits: one
redServer exploits: Essays
redHow to allow any luser to access any commercial smut site for free :-)
redrestricted access: one
red Background information (and essays)
red Hacking wwwhack

Fravia's antismut page
is alive and kicking!

The reasons of our attempt to stop the proliferation of the commercial smut sites on the web are explained elsewhere (see for instance the general page), this is all quite difficult (and contested) stuff, please bear with us, keep cool and, foremost, SEND MORE CONTRIBUTIONS!

A small digression: stalking

Of course all the stuff on my "enemy stalking" pages can be VERY USEFUL for this section as well. You may find it quite interesting to better understand which tools and techniques you can use to individuate the culprits... on the right side you go... 1) General stalking techniques
1.1) Simple email stalking techniques
2) Reversing language patterns
3) Luring and social engineering tricks

And now let's begin!

CGI-script reverse engineering and related activities

A general approach to Web sites nuking
How to comb the web
How to find "crumbs" of information inside the source code of web pages
How to exploit the weak CGI-script and PERL programs used by the Smut dealers
How to make a smut site go Ka-Boom!

(this is the stuff you wanted to read and never found on the web)

Crackers against commercial smut
red A general approach commercial smut sites bombing (Why and how to annoy them)
red combing i.e. how to find the "commercial smut" sites (how to identify the weak ones)
red source checking How to exploit 'crumb trails' inside a page (forgotten snippets of information inside counters and images)
red cgi reverse engineering: one How to exploit weak CGI-script and PERL programs used by the Smut dealers (How to nuke a page against the will of its owner)
redcgi reverse engineering: two How to exploit CGI-script, server side includes and perl ticks (How to see a smut site going Ka-boom! under your very eyes)
redServer exploits: one How to exploit Micro$oft's IIS bugs (How to fish scripts or programs that should have been hidden)
redServer exploits: Rudicarell's How to exploit weak sites with your browser (Some interesting logs and redirecting tricks)
redHow to allow any luser to access any commercial smut site for free :-) How to seriously annoy smut sites... (Some interesting proxy info for lusers)
redrestricted access: one Some apostrophe + boolean value tricks (Advanced perl-sites nuking)

Crackers against commercial smut
Some background information

Read redAn October attack against my "anti-commercial smut" campaign
by fravia+, October 1997

Read redA polite conversation between a commercial smutsite nuker and a commercial smutsite owner
by fravia+, May 1998

Read redsortof's hacking attack against the index page of my new fortress
by fravia+, October 1999

Read .sozni's fundamental redessay: The Art of Guessing
by .sozni, October 1999

Hacking wwwhack
(And a small digression about passwords)

If you are interested in site-access techniques, you may download here a simple 'bruteforcer' that you may use for ALL sites that have HTTP basic authentication. (that's when you try to get to a site and your BROWSER, not an HTML form, asks you for the password).
Download redwwwhack, a very simple, yet effective, password busting program, quite useful to gain user access and study the directory structure of your commercial smut targets... wwhack, keeps TRACK of the sites you gained access into in a file called sites.dat and stores its passwords inside a file called password.txt. wwwhack is a 'best before protection' (at least in this version), which expired on 19 June. Of course this doesn't matter much for reversers, here you go...
:03723 83781005       cmp dword ptr [eax+10], 5
:03727 7F0C           jg 00403735     ;; You may want to change this to 7F3F = jg 00403768
:03729 83781005       cmp dword ptr [eax+10], 5
:0372D 7539           jne 00403768
:0372F 83780C14       cmp dword ptr [eax+0C], 14
:03733 7E33           jle 00403768

* Referenced by a Jump at Address:00403727(C)
:03735 8B5371         mov edx, dword ptr [ebx+71]
:03738 8B4204         mov eax, dword ptr [edx+04]
:0373B 6A00           push 0
:0373D 6A00           push 0
:0373F 68A5FC4200     push 0042FCA5 ;; ->"This copy of wwwhack expired on June 19."
Redirecting the jump (do not just nop the 7F0C, it won't work :-) will make wwwhack work whenever you want, yet as I said, this is just a very crude program, valid only for username/password combinations where BOTH strings are identical. You may of course slightly modify wwwhack code in order to try DIFFERENT STRINGS during your busting approaches, this requires a small patch. (It's incredible how many sites you can bust with the simple wwhack 'same strings' approach, though)
This said, wwhack is only a very primitive tool: in order to gain root and nuke some of the smut sites, as you probably know, you'll want to try also a very old trick: play with finger and with port 79 and 80... telnet your.commercial.target 80, for instance... but you'll learn far better tricks either on both my "CGI-wars" public pages one and two or following what you you'll read in my Simple email stalking techniques essay

a small digression about passwords
Wish I had a cent for all the password I found out! As any hacker knows, the best password attack is NOT a brute force attack, but rather a 'stupidity based' attack. See, there are SO MANY passwords you must learn (at work to enter your Intranet, Internet, resume work, etc. at home to enter the web, free email, special sites, telnet, etc.), that 99 humans out of 100 will REUSE the same passwords more than once and will USE SIMPLE passwords most of the time. +ORC (a notorious paranoid), wrote me once that one of his "older" passwords was TheEarthWillRiseAgainOutOfTheWaterFairAndGreen (which is Unix case-sensitive) and that he did not use that sort of "simple" passwords anymore (and went over to his "anglo-latin" passwords) because he found them to be too easy to guess!
As you'll soon notice using for instance the simple wwwhack program above, there are MANY that use as username fred and as password fred (have a look at the letters f,r,e and d on your keyboard and you'll understand why). I found HUNDRED of usernames: username and passwords: password, believe it or not...
There are also, very frequently, "site-related" passwords: if you want to access the financial times database, you shold start with financial and times, and it would probably work. The 'solution' to this problem is of course even easier to hack: if the site-protection gives passwords depending on an algorithmus (and few smut sites do this, because lusers want easy to remember passwords), just reverse the algo and you'r done.
Where to find passwords

Don't be silly: the vast majority of sites advertising free passwords to porn sites are actually smut sites themselves, luring traffic through deceptive advertising. There is at the moment a frantic battle for traffic on the smut sites (see my polite conversation between a commercial smutsite nuker and a commercial smutsite owner), smut sites that attracted their traffic pretending to offer 'free' pictures and videos are now increasingly offering 'free' passwords as well. These 'passwords' come directly from the smut sites that are purportedly being violated. The smut sites can pay to the pasword sites a FEE to feature ostensibly faked passwords. The 'pasword' sites sell advertising banner space to the smut sites and list paid-for faked passwords first (mostly the user will land in a banner-clicking nightmare in those cases). In my experience, four password sites out of five are in cahoots with the smut sites (that is a good reason to nuke some of them as well :-)
Unsurprisingly, providing password defenses has become a booming industry... the problem is that these 'defenses' are most of the time very easy to circumvent (see my CGI-reversing and my javascript advanced pages). There are at the moment more than 100 (yes, one hundred) companies offering verification services for commercial smut sites. Fortunately there's not a single one of them that cannot be cracked. Most of these services automatically cancel passwords if they are being used by two people at the same time or if they are originating from different web addresses over a given period of time. Since the passwords you will discover using the tricks explained here ARE NOT PUBLIC (because YOU will discover them on your own), once you check which ones belong to a common used dynamic IP provider (AOL, compuserve, Infonie, whatever), you'r pretty sure that nobody will ever notice it unless you'r shooting in the same timerange as your turkey (the lamer you have taken the password). Just choose an amerloque turkey if you'r european or an european turkey if you'r amerloque and that's all :)
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