"Crackers against smut" section
An October attack

An October attack against my "anti-commercial smut" campaign
by fravia+

(16 October 1997)

This section of my old site was consecrated to the struggle against commercial "smut sites": those sites that are increasingly swamping the Web offering extremely low level pornography for money (I'm not a censor and I have nothing against nude pictures - if given away for free). Independently from this specific struggle against smut, you could have learned some rudiments of CGI-script reverse engineering, i.e. how to nuke a whole site on the web (given some conditions) against the will of its owner.

As those of you that have read this section in the past know (was on my old server from 11 Nov 1996 until 5 Oct 1997) there are way to destroy any Web-page (or server) you don't like using its CGI-scripts, given some conditions. A technique of searching known as "combing" allows you moreover to individuate quickly any commercial smut site, and another technique of webpage analysis ("crumbs gathering" if you want to know its exact name) allows you to gather valuable snippets of information, useful as well in order to destroy or simply economically damage a site that you do not like. These techniques are no state secret, you'll be able to find them explained elsewhere on the web, if you know how to search... the problem is very simple: the Web is a system that was never designed for protection and that is being implemented in the most hostile of environments with a completely untrained and unaware user base. It has inadequate protection for integrity, availability and confidentiality, it is vulnerable in each aspect of its operation (browsers, servers and networks) and has fundamental design flaws that make it inherently difficult to protect. Last but not least this whole system is being implemented on an unprecedented scale in a very short time frame almost entirely by people that do not understand neither how it works, nor which are the protection issues.

As I started this section of my page, in November 1996, I would have never dreamed of the huge problems (and of the huge enthusiasm) that I would have encountered along my path.

I'll just tell you about some of the main problems:

Work problems
Part of the researches in order to destroy the smut-sites have been speciously interpreted at my workplace (where of course I have used my Internet access in order to gather CGI-script information). The astonishing narrow boundaries of my workplace system administrators' minds and the amazing imbecility of some of my own colleagues and superiors have annoyed me in a way that Kafka would have dreamed of.

Stupid bigots
There seem to exist a lot of crazy religious "fundamentalists" (especially in the States, infamous grow-ground for this kind of nut-activity). These nuts took my instructions to the letter (of course without ever thinking to thank me) and have started to blow up porn-site all over the web with a zealot sense of duty that defies any sound reasoning (they are now attacking usenet groups too, btw). As a consequence, porn-sites all over the world (commercial smut and non commercial artistic sites) have been attacked with an huge and massive frequency that I did not foresee (I admit that) and that has unfortunately had impacts even on the server where I am hosted.

Threats and minaces
As a result of the publishing of this section of my page I got a lot of electronic abuse. In three years of fravia's page of reverse engineering I collected thousands of congratulations and only two (I'm not kidding) insults. No shareware author (just to name somebody that could possibly have had some excuse to complain with me) ever wrote me a letter of insults, quite the contrary.
Yet in the few months of my antismut campaign some funny fellows took themselves the liberty to criticise everything, from my aspect (which by the way is in the reality quite different from the Tollkien's photograph that you can see when you read my "biography" :-) to my sex life. I have punished some of them, but in recent times there have been too many to just care to stalk and punish them

This situation has forced me (and +gthorne) to take the decision to eliminate the antismut section from the server. You'll not therefore find there anymore the antismut section.

I'll give you there, as "dépannage" only a link to ANOTHER page ("CCCP"), on ANOTHER server, which deals with CGI-script reverse engineering.
Neither I nor +gthorne (and of course NOT Sharp) are responsible for the contents of this page, which is pretty crazy, as you will see, and which is linked there only because we feel important to give to you, dear reader, knowledge of ALL existing "fighting" tools on the Net. For educational purposes only also... and to give our +HCUkers and all other friends the possibility to learn valuable knowledge...

Here is the link (which is not hyperlinked, you'll have to cut and paste it inside your browser's "Location:" window to get there)... use the information therein at your own risk and under your own responsability... you are clever enough, if you landed here, to know what you do.

CCCP (Crazy Cgi Cracking Page)

+gthorne & fravia+, October 1997, after the "Antismut-attack".
The above text of course does not count now for my fortress, where the antismut section is undisturbed. so if you want to read ALL of it, just connect to this link at the fortress and enjoy!

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