Anonymous e-mailing
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September 1999
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Anonymous e-mailing
(private and newsgroups)

It's actually a simple survival matter: anonymity on Usenet is, for instance, particularly important in these spamming days, if you don't want a flooded email address.
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Anonymity on the Web is actually a simple survival matter: anonymity on Usenet is, for instance, particularly important in these spamming days to avoid flooded email addresses. Commercial vendors of all possible crap / gods / services / commodities that you DO NOT need in the least will gladly go over your dead body in order to fetch your email address! Therefore learn the basic of anonymous emailing here... courtesy of fravia's pages of reverse engineering.

Anonymous E-mail

Crack the post

WWW anonymous emailing (with your browser, duh)

red Replay.com (works well per email as well, see below), and you may use also red www.c2.net, a nice one. Of course nym.alias.net (a second generation nymsever) could be useful as well. If you would like to redpremail and chain remail you should realize, for your anonymous chain remailing, which remailers are the quickest remailers (real order depends from your location, time of the day, etc, just experiment a little...)

A list of anonymous remailers

First of all, here is a list of anonymous remailers (Bob Appleton's one, modified by fravia+. In order to obtain an up-to-date listing of anonymous remailers, with statistics, finger rlist@anon.efga.org or rlist@anon.lcs.mit.edu):
European remailers (begin with these if you distrust USA remailers)
mix@sind.hyperreal.art.pl  <-- these remailers can download files from the WWW and 
remailer@lo14.wroc.pl      <-- send them to you with the directive Get-Url
remailer@base.xs4all.nl    <-- "base" Same as replay.com, only slower.       

States' remailers
remailer@replay.com        <-- else you may use these reliable remailers
remailer@privacy.nb.ca     <-- Joseph "Anonymous" Howe     
remailer@anon.efga.org     <-- "Georgia Cracker" Anonymous Remailer 

Defunct remailers (yet one never knows...)
remailer@neva.org          <-- seems to be dead :-(
mix@earth.wazoo.com        <-- seems to be dead :-(

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Anonymous emailing (private)

Yet you may want a "simpler" way to send email anonymously, without browsing on line the sites given above, with the possibility of preparing your own automated scripts and even without any need to edit the email header if you don't happen to have a Unix box... basically, as you'll see below, you can use some remailers (which are simple automated mail handling bots, installed on various accounts, which will accept any message sent with the proper headers and automatically re-send it anonymously to whoever you want). You'll send email anonymously to your destinatary by sending mail to any of the remailers listed below, with the header "Anon-To: address" and the address that you want to send anonymously to. If you can't add headers to your mail (typical windoze user), you can place two colons on the first line of your message, followed by the "Anon-To:" line. Follow that with a blank line, and then begin your message.
Here follows a complete explanation:
 From: your@real.address    ;your real address is sent of course, yet don't worry
 To: remailer@replay.COM    ;this nice remailer will strip off your name
 Subject: Anonymous Mail    ;Subject will be transmitted, all the rest stripped off
 ::                         ;place two colons on the first line of your message
 Anon-To: desti@nat.ary     ;and then the Anon-To line
 Latent-Time: +1:00r        ;instructing the remailer to delay randomly the message
 Cutmarks: --               ;any line beginning with the same text as in the 
                            ;cutmarks header, and any lines following it will 
                            ;be removed. Remember! Follow the :: block, after 
                            ;"Cutmarks: --", with at least ONE blank line!
 and this words ARE the text of your anonymous mail message, which begins 
 only AFTER the blank lines after "Cutmarks: --". So this is all anonymized 
 stuff, and you write, and write and write, but remember to choose your 
 "Cutmarks", I have used two dashes, as in good old (and now unfortunately 
 defunct) anon.penet times, therefore THIS line of my text would be sent
 but THIS line of my text will not be anonymously sent

Should the above instructions still not be enough for you, just send this redemail as it is (answer OK to Navigator's question about not having written anything in the text, Opera will handle everything orright) and wait for the remailer answer sipping your favourite redcocktail and wandering around inside my site.
The following part, about usenet posting, offers a bunch of other tips that are valid for private posting as well. So read it :-)

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Anonymous emailing (Usenet)

Now let's see the simple way to post anonymously on Usenet.
And here is how you should proceed:

To:   		(use one of the remailers from above)
Subject: 	(leave blank)
Body: 		::					<--1st line of body
      		Anon-Post-To: xxx.yyy,xxx.yyy,xxx.yyy	<--2nd line of body
							<--3rd line of body
      		##					<--4th line of body
      		Subject: (put the subject here)		<--5th line of body
							<--6th line of body
      		<start message here>                    <--7th line of body

The 1st line of the body of your anonymous posting must contain 2 colons.
2nd line; substitute "xxx.yyy" with the newsgroups you are interested in.
The 3rd line must be blank The 5th line carries the subject you want in your posting
The 6th line must be blank
Start your message on the 7th line.

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Advanced tactics

Now, if you have never done it before, go ahead and try a couple of simple anonymous emailings first. Leave the advanced stuff and settings for later. Email yourself and choose as subject 'my first anonymous email'. In a couple of months time, if you study some of the tips above, you won't believe that you were not able to do it before :-)

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