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March 1998
Last update:
September 1999
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Papers on software reverse engineering arguments

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"I'll be with you boys!"

Our own "papers"
Well, dear fellow crackers, reversers and protectors (and readers), I'm sure you'll enjoy the 1998 'shift': no more 'blind' cracking around. We need good and powerful doucuments not only to reverse the hell out of it... but to understand what we are doing as well!
In fact: what is the purpose of our work? Why do we crack? Did you ever stop and asked yourself such questions?
I believe that we crack in order to spread KNOWLEDGE!... I believe that we crack in order to SURVIVE (in a society where all what you should know is NOT teached and all what you do not need to know is hammered inside your brain :-)
I believe that we tackle difficoult tasks and that we reverse code (and other things as well :-), in order to TEACH! Show me other sites on the web, apart from crackers' and (to a certain extent) hackers' sites, that give you knowledge like this for FREE, without asking anything more than your (free) contribution... LEARN ALL WHAT YOU CAN and give us in return THAT WHAT YOU CAN... a very simple "magic" recipe for development... on this web of ours.
Indeed I believe that we want people to develop, to gain power and knowledge to build on our shoulders for free... the more, the better
So we'll NEVER just spread around some ready-made cracks (why should we?), on the contrary: we will less and less publish 'cracks' and more and more concentrate on HOW TO DO things... therefore a "HCU papers" section will be very important for REAL crackers and reversers, and wont help leechers and lusers... that's nice! In fact, let's utter it: we DO NOT LIKE leechers and lusers... and we (firmly) believe that only people that DO contribute have a right to learn and grow and develop... that's why we will ALWAYS be able to develop ourselves... :-)

Now let's see if we can put some deeds where our mouth is... as usual a project like this one will florish and prosper if many will contribute, will pepper out and die if you do not contribute and if you think it's a smart move just to leech things out, without giving anything in exchange... you're not doing just that, are you?

14 March 1998 __EXPERT__
Well, Iceman, for one, certainly was no leecher! his "paper" inaugurates this section... Enjoy!

More background readings

redTweaking with memory in Window95 - An API approach -
(Things you need to know on our beloved/hated operating system)
by Iceman
14 March 1998

redIn memory patching: three approaches
(how to introduce breakpoints in an automated debugger and other marvels)
by Stone
20 March 1998

redWIN32 - Inside Debug API
(Things you need to know: the mysterious CONTEXT structure)
by Iceman
20 March 1998

redThe supression and resurrection of assembler programming.
(Recent programming history cracking for crackers! A "must read" paper)
by SLH
08 May 1998
08 May 98 Masta ~ winasm_0.htm The resurrection of assembly programming - Essay nr. 0 papers ~fra_0118
11 May 98 Iceman ~ iceext1.htm "Extending Softice serie" ("Zauberreversing") advanced
16 May 98 SLH ~ hutch_61.htm The Bridge: In Pursuit Of Lost Knowledge papers ~fra_011C
16 May 98 Tek ~ tek1.htm Palmpilot reversing: Experience a brand new taste in cracking papers ~fra_011D
21 May 98 SLH ~ hutquest.htm THE QUEST: Building the launch pad papers ~fra_011F
25 May 98 Masta ~ winasm_1.htm The resurrection of assembly programming - Essay nr. 1 papers ~fra_0121
29 May 98 SLH ~ hutch28.htm Software warriors through the warp papers ~fra_0123
05 June 98 Joa ~ crunchi1.htm Little essay about the various methods and viewpoints of crunching papers ~fra_0126
05 June 98 SLH ~ hutch_65.htm The Eye Of The Warrior (a "graphical" windows' paper) papers ~fra_0128
10 June 98 Joa ~ crunchi2.htm Little essay about the various methods and viewpoints of crunching II papers ~fra_0129
10 June 98 SLH ~ hutchif1.htm The iron fist (Keeping The Crackers Amused) papers ~fra_012A
15 June 98 SLH ~ hutsting.htm Applying the sting papers ~fra_012C
17 June 98 Joa ~ crunchi3.htm Little essay about the various methods and viewpoints of crunching III papers ~fra_012E
17 June 98 Joa ~ crunchi4.htm Little essay about the various methods and viewpoints of crunching IV papers ~fra_012F
10 July 98 Joa ~ crunchi5.htm Little essay about the various methods and viewpoints of crunching - V papers ~fra_0133
25 July 98 bb ~ bbnag1.htm Simulating User Input to Eliminate Nag Screens papers ~fra_013F
06 Sep 98 PNA ~ pna3.htm How to hook any API function in kernel32.dll advanced
16 Sep 98 Joa ~ crunchi6.htm Little essay about the various methods and viewpoints of crunching - VI papers ~fra_014E
23 Sep 98 Dr. Fuhrball ~ dvdfuhr.htm DIVX and DVD reversing papers ~fra_0153
21 Oct 98 Svd ~ bulga_1.htm Data-reverse-engineering - Lesson 1 papers ~ fra_015C
12 Dec 98 Victor Porguen ~ porvbo1.htm Redirection Revisited -- Achieving Redirection Through API Spoofing Papers ~ fra_0172
12 Dec 98 Joa ~ crunchi7.htm Little essay about the various methods and viewpoints of crunching VII papers ~ fra_0175
20 Jan 99 SvD ~ svd_last.htm The Great Dead-Listing Excavations or what we (could) see in disassembled code advanced
~ fra_0185
Spring 99 SvD ~ How to dead list (ameliorated) The Great Dead-Listing Excavations or what we (could) see in disassembled code advanced
~ ****
Spring 99 anarchriz ~ CRC and how to Reverse it A CRC Tutorial & The c00l way to Reverse CRC papers ~ ****
June 99 +Aitor ~ Delphi reversing Delphi Reverse Engineering DFM Files, Windows RCDATA and Object Conversion Routines papers ~ ****
June 99 +Spath ~ Theory and practice of menus reversing An essay to understand how menus and messages work, to be able to efficiently reverse function-disabled programs. advanced
~ ****
28 June 99 SLH ~ hutch_su.htm The succession: secrets of writing elegant and fast assembler papers ~fra_xxxx
10 July 99 c0v3rt+ ~ covert1.htm Adding sections to PE Files: Enhancing functionality of programs by adding extra code papers ~fra_xxxx
16 July 99 Pavel V. Semjanov ~ cryptunt.htm On cryptosystems untrustworthiness papers ~fra_xxxx
20 July 99 LaZaRuS ~ laza_s11.htm Finding standard functions in Delphi/C++ Builder papers ~fra_xxxx
30 July 99 Nolan Blender ~ tp_flex.htm Analysis of Key Generation Techniques within FlexLM (Unix reversing) papers ~fra_xxxx
September 99 +Spath ~ Attacks against the BEST encryption algorithm chaos is definitely not randomness advanced
~ ****
September 99 LaZaRuS ~ Adding functionality to the Windows Calculator A small example of the most interesting part of reverse engineering: Adding functionality to a program advanced
~ ****

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