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Project Timelock
"Time matters"
Timelock project

Well, we had so many essays on the "timelock dll" (now "vbox") protection schemes, that I had to systematize them. Hope somebody will help me sending a more complete 'synthese' tutorial ("how to handle our timelocks targets") that will cover, encompassing the essays you will find here, these very typical and quite frequent commercial protection dll-based schemes
As you will be able to read on my How to protect better pages, commercial protections are, usually, doomed by the intrinsic programming incapacity ('programming moroninness' :-) of all those that work for money instead than for pleasure (as anyone that has reversed a Micro$oft application will immediately testify).
This project, started long ago, has been 'taxonomized' on 12 December 1997

Last Update: May 1999

The Timelock *.dll serie

TimeLOCK_DLL reverse engineering (TL32V20.DLL)
(A cracking approach to a "model" protection scheme) by +Xoanon - 07 May 1997

TimeLock32 v2.0 reverse engineering
(Advanced reverse engineering: Universal keygenerator) - by Riz la+ - 07 July 1997
(Complete version with C++ source code!)

Caligari Pioneer Pro v1.1
(Timelock32.dll version 1.0 Key generator) - by +daQ, 26 July 1997

(Another TLOCK32.DLL fiasco) - by The Undertaker - 22 August 1997

A crippled tl32v20.dll protection scheme: diskeeper
(Cracking efficiently) - by as65pp - 12 October 1997

IDA-Cracking: QuickView Plus 4.5 for Win95
('grayed' menu options - nag - timelock)
by Snatch - 5 November 1997

Object Oriented Protecting: the case of the tl32v20.dll
(Timelock vagaries inside DisKeeper Trial 3.0 for NT Workstation)
by BlueMan - 12 December 1997

DoNotWasteTime_MrCracker@@YGHPBDPBEIPAEPAI@Z and PleaseTraceIntoMe_MrCracker@@YGKKKPAEPAXKK@Z
(Timelock vagaries inside Ulead Gif Animator 2.0 - tl303inj.dll)
"A discussion, not an essay" by Marigold - 16 January 1998

Ulead GifAnimator 2.0 Trial: Virginity restored
TimeLock 3.03 Cracking by Marigold - 20 January 1998

(automated retrieval from this point onwards)

20 Jan 98 Marigold~ marigo_2.htm Ulead GifAnimator 2.0 Trial: Virginity restored timelock. ~fra_00D9
23 Apr 98 JaZZ~ netscan3.htm Netscantools3.1 trial (What's new with timelock?) timelock ~fra_0102
04 May 98 Marigold~ marigbox.htmOpening a Vbox full of worms: PreviewParadise lost advanced
15 June 98 +Xoanon ~ xoa_126.htm PreviewParadise R.I.P. (vboxed programs... bye bye!) timelock ~fra_012B
25 July 98 Miguel Neto ~ neto_01.htm How to crack another commercial "ready made" protection timelock ~fra_0142
12 Nov 98 Marigold ~ marigo_4.htm VBox The Hellraiser or the "paper tiger" by PreviewSystems advanced
~ fra_016A
26 May 99 PLUMe ~ vboxbuil.htm VBox Builder 4.2, a TRW session timelock ~ fra_xxxx

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