What now
Sharp's server has been destroyed, censored by a puritan american bogus organisation. Sharp hosted, among other pages, my "tana", +gthorne's page and Stone's site.
My page still survives: you are reading it. Yet I need more mirrors. Especially I need a new "tana", i.e. a complete copy of my main site that I'll update regularly (the perfect mirror, as fallback in case of server problems and/or attacks against my "fortress").
If you have a solide place (stable for at least a couple of years) for a copy of my site (approx 20-25 Megabytes) on your (FAST!) server, please, by all means, contact me at fravia(at)fravia(point)org immediately. Servers OUTSIDE the United States are particularly welcomed. Estimated hitload of my "tana": ca 2000 per day IF THE FORTRESS IS WORKING, else much more :-)
13 February 1998, a Friday :-(
They never censor smutsites they never censor commercial warez sites they never censor Bill for nuking his concurrence they never censor people exploiting other people's bodies or the gullible religious ones or the kids, bombarded with useless frills that will make slaves out of them they never censor people exploiting other people's future they don't censor anybody making money they respect money oh yes they love money they understand money very well they love censorship too so they censor people that think and, especially, they censor those that help others to think the dangerous ones, the ones giving knowledge away for free they censor thinking, they censor alternatives to their own dull and gray world they censored my good friend Greythorne's site a site with no warez whatsoever but with a lot of knowledge for free with a lot of work behind, unpaid, ready for anybody to take they censor people that give away for free their own work a blasphemy for them giving knowledge for free that they don't even understand giving knowledge for free they have already lost, poor little censors, our web is undermining their whole life their commercial stupidity is their own doom all things they believe in are disappearing our world is taking place virtually yet inexorably giving knowledge for free sweeping the censor of the hideous past away

Black Friday's attack
It happened actually on Thursday 12 1998, between 13:00 and 19:00 European Union time.
An American puritan censorship organization has attacked Sharp's server, hosting such fine pages like greythorne's, Stone's, Jammer's and a copy of mine own, compelling -probably- the local smut owners to throw our friend Sharp out, so that instead of knowledge for free the same server can now offer only "allowed" smut for money, which is perfectly ok, following the dire rules of the censors' weltanschauung.
I'm not amused at all: read the rhetorical 'manifesto' of the asp censors and compare with the truth: they censored greythorne's page, Stone's page and my own page (that you can still visit on the "fortress" at http://www.fravia.org). These pages have NEVER hosted any pirated software whatsoever (why should we? if we need software -which we mostly don't- either we remove ourselves any protection it has or, even quicker at times :-) we know, as anyone else on the web, where to find the complete regged last version of it in the warez world.
And see, exactly THAT is the point.
They don't care, contrarily to what they profess, nor disturb in any way those people that have gone commercial and are doing bucks with pirated software, when they say that they want to protect copyrights that's only a 'legal' and 'nice' masquerade used in order to take the public on a boat ride, especially on a web where Netscape itself is now releasing for free all his code as a last desperate move against the Micro$oft's bane... which reversed Netscape black and blue in order to speed Mosaic up to Msie... where were the censors at that time? No! what these lackeys patrol, fear, loath and attack are sites giving away knowledge for free. That's the only thing they really hate, because censors and knowledge are mortal enemies, as they always have been, as they always will be.

What I will do
I will punish the censors stalking them and answering with various means on more levels, of course, but the best answer will come from you all: just work. Let's tackle the more and more complicate and difficult protection schemes that are (finally) starting to appear: let's reverse anything in sight, day after day, with our quiet and MIGHTY approach... as +ORC would say: let's work well. We are not doing anything illegal, in fact, we are teaching how to reverse engineer software AND software protection schemes. So what? I'll do this as long as I like, until I'll see a law (a LAW, not a wishful rhetorical statement by some bogus American organisation) that impose to the European Union's citiziens not to do it. And if that should ever happen, I'll fight AGAINST that law and try to modify it. And if that fail I'll find another way to spread our knowledge. You won't have me. Never. fravia+ 13 February 1998