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Software reverse engineering, web survival arguments, how to search, anonymity on the Web; cookies removal; robots and spiders trapping; anti-Micro$oft, anti-Netscape and pro-Opera scripts and tricks; tools for software reverse engineering; cgi-cracking; user self-defense; corporate survival counter measures; home-pages capering and passwords cracking; commercial smut sites busting; Java applets reversing; vxd monitoring and reversing; steganographical and cryptological reversing matters; Javascript based site protections

On the Web since 1995!

The "basic" section

links, tools and search engines... all good sites have these sections... but look at mines!

fravia's favourite links page
Here you'll find some good links, obviously commented

 Little learning tools page
Here you'll find quite a lot of useful shareware tools, of course uncracked

  search engines page ('heavy') ~ search engines page ('light')
Here you'll be able to search the Web with the best search engines without delays due to obscene publicity
(provided you have learned how to search!)

The software reverse engineering Lab

__The "guts" section__

The "guts" of this site: +ORC's "how to crack, a tutorial" and the coveted students' essays... studying these documents you'll learn how to reverse engineer any software... be warned, there is a HUGE amount of material in here (more than 315 (yes, threehundredand15) essays :-)

+ORC's official repository
(Here you'll also find the old "uncrackable" +ORC's gate and information about the +HCU)

+ORC's students' essays
(Here you'll find three hundred short and well crafted essays, a must reading if you intend to master the difficult art of software reverse engineering!)

__The protectionist's corner__

(How to protect your software against us crackers... there are various sections)

The protectionist's corner
Protectionist's corner
How to protect better
How to protect better
Packers & Unp
Our own Protections
Our own tools

The Anonymity Lab

__The "be careful dad" section__

(Anonymity, Javascript, Countermeasures Astonishing tricks)

Fravia's Anonymity Academy

Anonymity, stalking and all other dangers you'll meet on the deep deep net

Fravia's Anonymity Academy
Main entrance

red corporate survival techniques How to annoy your own sysads and how to defend yourself from them (Why and how to annoy them)
red stalking matters i.e. how to find people and things (actual content is obsolete: will be updated)
red enemy tracing How to stalk, follow and eventually punish people on the web (revamped new section)
red fravia's steganography page How to exploit images and sounds for your purposes (Basic tricks and entrance to the advanced page)
red What Fravia knows about you Scary tracking Webmaster's options (Basic knowledge and some examples)
red Tweak your browser! Tracks hidden in your cache (Basic removal knowledge)

Javascript page
Fravia's JavaScript pages
Main entrances

(revamped march 1998)
(Javascript based site protection - a 'living' workshop)

counter measures page (unfinished)
(Applets killers, Fake identities, Enemy studying, Home pages capering, Providers surveillance)

Astonishing stories page (unfinished)
(Everyone will be a windoze NT system administrator - change security settings in M$-Explorer - telnet everywhere with a Java faked proxy server)

The 'Site busting' Lab

__The "crackers against smut" section__

CGI-script reverse engineering: How to nuke commercial smut depots

Crackers against Smut
Main entrance

red A general approach smut site bombing (Why and how to annoy them)
red combing i.e. how to find the "commercial smut" sites (how to identify the weak ones)
red source checking How to exploit 'crumb trails' inside a page (forgotten snippets of information inside counters and images)
red cgi reverse engineering: one How to exploit weak CGI-script and PERL programs used by the Smut dealers (How to nuke a page against the will of its owner)
redcgi reverse engineering: two How to exploit CGI-script, server side includes and perl ticks (How to see a smut site going Ka-boom! under your very eyes)

Reality cracking Lab

Tricks and truths you better know to fight back the slave masters...

Reality cracking!
Fravia's Reality cracking pages
Main entrance

Bots trapping and reversing (Webrobots' cracking)
(The "BOTS" section)

The "BOTS" section, little tricks you better know to catch and reverse any agent
Fravia's hidden section about "Spider squashing" and "bots trapping"

Bot cracking!
Fravia's BOTS trapping and reversing pages
Main entrance

How to reverse engineer any software application
("tutorial" section - search section - essays - programming languages)

__Cracking tutorials__

How to crack, the Tutorial, by +ORC, the old red cracker

+HCU's Students' essays

+HCU's Advanced Cracking Series

+HCU's Academy Database

Go to the ESSAYS 001-100 page (2 Mar 1997 - 4 Sep 1997)
Go to the ESSAYS 101-200 page (4 Sep 1997 - 28 Dec 1997)
Go to the ESSAYS 201-300 page (28 Dec 1997 - 10 June 1998)
Go to the ESSAYS 301-400 page (15 June 1998 - to-day)

Fravia's own contributions
How to reverse engineer windows software, by Fravia

Windows 3.1: Taskman disassembling

(Lesson 1a: Taskman, first part 29993 bytes - May 1996
(Lesson 1b: Taskman, second part 29976 bytes - May 1996

Windows 95: Filemon.exe disassembling (unfinished)

Lesson 2a: Introduction to filemon 47499 bytes - August 1997
Lesson 2b: reverse engineering without source code 43045 bytes - August 1997
Lesson 2c: filemon reversed 45354 bytes - August 1997
Lesson 2d: back to main 43496 bytes - August 1997
Lesson 2e: vxd vagaries and mysteries 26129 bytes - september 1997

How to search the Web... my coveted lessons

Fravia's 'How to search" lessons
Main entrance (and entrance to Robin Hood's and Surreal5's lessons)

lesson 5 (July 1996) General use of agora, http:// retrieving
lesson 6 (December 1996) Ftping files, agora queries and emailing altavista
lesson 7 (March 1997) W3gate, search spiders, error messages and evaluation of results
lesson 8 (November 1997) Advanced searching techniques (combing and klebing)
lesson 9 (January 1998) Searching effectively ~ Site monitoring
lesson 10 (June 1998 ~ 'light') Let the bots search for you ~ and build your own search-bots :-)

reality reverse engineering Screaming truth - by fravia+
Fravia's special "screaming truth" essays (1999)
Cracking for dummies - by fravia+

Lesson 1, 8 November 1997: "Birth of a cracker"
(Target: tekfct95.exe)

Lesson 2, 8 December 1997: "The difficult years"
(Target: netmed.exe)

Cracking for dummies: Softice beginners

As anyone here knows, Softice (by Numega, buy it or find it on the web, NEVER ASK for it, it's bad craketiquette :-) is THE debugger par excellence, yet many beginners have problems with this most gorgeous tool

Softice beginners will therefore be well advised to read the VERY GOOD document by fellow +cracker Mammon:
Mankind comes into the Ice Age
there you will find a COMPLETE 'how to use Softice' text with two VERY IMPORTANT exercises:
Debugging an existing application and Regaining Lost Access.
No beginner should be left alone with Softice without this mighty help!

Of course, if you are a total newbye, and cannot even INSTALL softice, you better have a look at siceinst.htm: The Ultimate Beginner - Session 1: SoftICE Install for Beginners, by i_magnus

Programming languages Tutorials and refs
Link to the programming languages tutorial that you may need (assembly, C, Pascal and even, gosh, visual basic!)
Link to every assembly language link or tutorial that you may need (assembly cuts, beware!)
+Sync's API reference
Well, +Sync's reference is a MUST for people seriously into reverse engineering, in order to download it, just press shift and click (api.hlp, 119.087)

If you are seeking where to publish for free:
Omar's list and Bram van Dartel's list
fravia's antispam advices and tricks
...of course there are many more pages and specific sections, some of them can be accessed only from particular points of entry... other will require (a little) ingenuity :-)
you'll find the access points and/or understand the (most simple) correct access techniques wandering around. It takes time (and a little work) to be a reverser, so don't worry and don't hurry.

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[javascript wars]
[reverse engineering]
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