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This page holds a lot of JavaScripts, some of them make "home-made" cookies, therefore the "personal counter" below will work on any page. Use your browser's "view source" command to see how it's done... hope your browser is Netscape, because if you are using Internet Microsoft Explorer you are in for a surprise (as you will learn examining the three javascripts at the bottom of this nice page :-)
Ah, ah, yes, there is also another little javascript snippet, useful in order to scare your guests paranoid :-)



The above line is done by a couple of lines, in my HTML, that look like this:

document.write("By the way, you have been to this page "+gettimes());

Get URL Info

I stole this stuff from somewhere. Hope they don't mind.
I stand upon the backs of others to show the appearance of greatness
These scripts should enable somebody to view the mime header lines that come in from all servers before the HTML is sent. It could help if you are having problems setting multiple cookies :-) or are just confused. This is for instance what the header lines look like when viewing this page:

XServer: WebSTAR
XContent-type: text/html
XSet-Cookie: Count=1; expires=Wednesday, 09-Nov-99 23:12:40 GMT; path=/;
the X at the beginning of each line represents a line-feed. After this stuff comes the HTML page itself.
the download consists of three files (goes into lib folder) (goes into lib folder) (modify & run this one)
If you want you can define a file for the HTML document to be saved to. If not don't uncomment that line.
red Here it is
Have Fun

Get the autoexec.bat of your hosts!

This will scare your hosts paranoid: click and see! :-)
red yes it's yours!

No Micro$oft internet exploder allowed!

And here are the coveted ANTI-Microsoft scripts... use them in order to get rid of all people using Micro$oft Internet explorer, or ameliorate them, I have stolen them on the Web


Go to netscape please
<BEGIN Cutting Now---------> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript"><!-- var uagent=navigator.userAgent; if (uagent.indexOf("MSIE") == 25) { document.writeln('<META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="2; URL=">'); } //--> </SCRIPT> <END Cutting Now------------>


MSIE not allowed
<BEGIN Cutting Now---------> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript"><!-- Hide for old browser // This JavaScript is written by Moh! // Modified by WiZZiE // Use it and modify it if you like // it's for those who don't want their Page be compatible for MS IE 3.0 :)....have fun // be so nice an leave my Name in the above of that thx!</script> <script language="JavaScript">var uagent=navigator.userAgent; if (uagent.indexOf("MSIE") == 25) { alert("STOP ! You are using MS Internet Explorer (TM)!"); alert("And this page prohibits IE users from viewing it."); if (confirm("Do you want to go to Netscape's Site in order to dowload Netscape Navigator?")) {locaction.href="" } else { ("OK you choose I don't care! Bye bye!....come back when you have Netscape Navigator!"); self.close(); } } // End hide ></script> <------end Cutting Now------------>


Compulsory Netscape
<BEGIN Cutting Now---------> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript"><!-- var uagent=navigator.userAgent; if (uagent.indexOf("MSIE") == 25) self.close() //--> </SCRIPT> <END Cutting Now------------>

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