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Poetry, Bettie, Hentai, Medusae, Escher and other et ab hic et ab hoc connections

The Web is immense. If you only spent a minute per page and devoted ten
hours a day to it, it would take four and a half years to explore a million Web pages,
a lifetime to explore just a part of it

This page is an exerpt from one of my own 'navigation' pages

A good trick is to prepare a page like this ON YOUR OWN HARDDISK
there is no need to begin your browsing from a homepage on the Web, and
this kind of system is much more useful than the clumsy "bookmarks"
inside your browser... as a matter of fact you'll only need to bookmark there
YOUR OWN HARDDISK PAGES, where you'll slowly add, all your identities
and all your passwords (yes, all your counters/accesses/avatars
will have a name and a password, all your web pages will have passwords,
all the special gates you'll find will have password... you'll forget some of them
if you don't write them down somewhere) (or you will be compelled to the very dangerous
game of using always the same 5/6 passwords.
On these naviagtions pages you can also prepare (and have ready) your "queries"
in order to get the stats from your counters and spiders, or to repeat automatically
useful queries.

FRAVIA's private links

Here they are

__A taste of Rhetoric

redA Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples
redHandbook of Rhetorical Devices
redsilva rhetoricae (The Forest of Rhetoric)
redAncient Rhetoric Online

__A taste of Poetry__

Not to read poetry is tantamount to be enslaved... as +ORC wrote (in howto51.htm):

"Why don't they read any poems any more? No poetry any more,
in the grey society of the publicity-spots slaves...
poetry will soon be forbidden, coz you cannot CONSUME as you read poems,
and in this farce of a society you are BOUND to consume, that's
the only thing they want you to do... you are CULTIVATED to consume...
no books worth to read any more... stupid american conventional cram
everywhere... boy, at times I'm missing some well placed neutron bombs,
the ones that would kill all these useless zombies and leave noble books
and good Wodka untouched."

redAtlantic USA poetry pages
redAn explanation, in italian, of the "rules" used in poetry
redArthur RIMBAUD, hope you can read french: these poems are *juwels*
redthe Internet Poetry Archive
redRepresentative poetry on-line
redGlossary of poetic terms
redA Handbook of Terms for Discussing Poetry
redThe semantic rhyming dictionary
redA Handbook of Terms for Discussing Poetry
redA Handbook of Terms for Discussing Poetry
redA Handbook of Terms for Discussing Poetry


The Web is so deep that you will not actually need to buy any book any more,
and this is true for ANY argument. Here an example about medusae... just confront
this information with the information available in the best bookstore of your town...
you'll understand what I mean

Class Hydrozoa Hydrozoan medusae all have a distinctive structure called a velum
Berkeley's Hydrozoa
redClass Scyphozoa The medusae of this class lack a velum
redBerkeley's Scyphozoa redScyphozoan morphology
The Scyphozoa is currently divided into the following four orders:
Order Stauromedusae   These are sessile cup-shaped forms, and lack 
		      a free-swimming medusa.
Order Coronatae       Most of these are deep-dwelling jellyfish, and 
		      are thus rarely seen.
Order Semaeostomae    The so-called disc jellyfish, including the most 
		      common as well as the largest of the jellyfish.
Order Rhizostomae     These jellyfish lack tentacles, and have eight
		      oral arms instead of four. The oral arms, often
		      highly branched, have become fused in the center, 
		      closing off the central mouth and giving the 
		      jellyfish multiple mouth openings at the ends 
		      of the lateral arms. 
The Cubozoa, or box jellies, were at one time included as 
an order of the Scyphozoa, but are now considered to be the
sister group of the jellyfish

redClass Cubozoa "box" jellyfish... a subclass of Scyphozoa (?)

redAurelia aurita (Saucer Jelly)
redCassiopeia andromeda (Upside-down Sea Jelly)
redCarybdea alata These jellyfish eat fish usually larger than themselves
redChironex fleckeri Feeds in shallow water, which has led to contact with humans
redTaxon search Unesco marine species database
redOrder a moon jelly you'll get it delivered
redA japanese page about medusae
redMedusae: never ending links

__Maurits Cornelis ESCHER__

There's just something about his drawings that appeals to thinking people

red Meredith's
red Wally's
red Maurer's
red Pioch's
red Climbing and descending (Dutch: Klimmen en dalen)
red World of Escher
red Directory of /pub/pictures/Artists/M.C.Escher
red M.C. Escher's Virtually Gone Gallery

__Tamara de Lempicka__

You may not be excused for not knowing her paintings

red Sappho Art server
red Grafica & disegno
red Brian Yolder's gallery

redTamara: never ending links

__Bettie Page's pages__

the "Pin Up Queen" of the 1950's... as you can see there are some american things I like

redBettie_1 (with the "Crackers in Bed" picture by Olivia)
redAll links
redBettie: never ending links

__Hentai links__

This is sort of cracking your own thoughts
As you can see, the fact that I hate (and struggle against) "commercial smut depots"
(see my antismut page) does not mean that I am a bigot!

red Do not
follow these
links, they
have nothing
to do
with cracking,
and you' ll never
come back
if you
red because you'll like it too much. You have been warned.

redHentai: never ending links

Other low-level thoughts (and reversing material)

(Some of these sites are great for fake identities fishing :-)

redSomething exciting for your thoughts

redbuy a woman, fake identities galore... :-)
redWanna an elastic, heat and water (and stain) resistant, durable, odorless and flavorless woman? And moreover quite flexible :-)... for those that love plastic a lot.

__Pinups and pulp covers__

Well, these are the real fifties

red The pulp zone (uses this same paper)
red .pulp (now "The pulp net")
red Atomic books pinups
red Paperback Cover Art Illustrators
red Jaap van Deijk 's

__Et ab hic et ab hoc__

redThe case Could be interesting
redDiplomacy Great board game!
redGeo's upload I use it a lot
redThe Independent Player Wargames and Strategy Games
redHomo ludens Only during the night
redScott Pakin's complaint-letter generator
redCyd Charisse the only page I found on Cyd Charisse
redIcones "en vrac"
redInju 1 Hentai
redFaxaway Send a fax for free
redSurfer's List to Art on the Web
redNetscape Navigator, online manual! (Learn!)
redExpanding Universe A Classified Search Tool for Amateur Astronomy
redScout Report The Scout Report's Web page:
redTim Drozinski's Access Logs FAQ: Hit counts for the tremendously stupid
redThe browser survival guide offers detailed information on the available browsers
redFreedom of Wodka This is Stolichnaya central, +ORC might like this place
redAll the books you'll ever want to read
redAll the banned books you'll ever want to read
redSilent Ladies a very intersting site
redMarx The Marx/Engels Internet Archive
redJoel McNamara's journal of internet privacy
redand his tools! (some of them may be very useful in our trade)
redContribute to legal defense fund!
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