Reverse engineering Academy
+HCU's Project 6

Reverse engineering "function disabled" protections


Indeed a very important project, started on 14 July 1997, that should characterize the passage from 'blind' cracking to 'clever' reversing... adding functionalities, re-enabling hidden functionalities... d'you believe there can be something more challenging for good reverse engineers?

The recent popularity of this kind of "function disabled" versions is due to the weakness of all other protection schemes... password protections are almost dead and time protections (of the "Cinderella" sort), are doomed... alas! Crippling protections don't seem to work either! Poor protectors... what should they do?

PHASE 1 by Zero:

Cracking "Save disabled" protections
by Zero - 16 July 1997

The "dead listing" and the "live" approaches explained

PHASE 2 by Razzia:

razzia's tutorial for crippled programs
by Razzia - 20 August 1997

The beautiful creation of the "RazziaPad"


W32Dasm Version 8.0 Save re-enabling__NEW!__
by PNA - 31 August 1997

How to get our dialogs and our routines inside our targets

PHASE 4 by fravia+
(with an adds on by Frog's Print and another one by fravia+)

An interesting tool: Screen Ruler
by fravia+ & Frog's Print - 11-15 September 1997

The "pixel shortcut" method
How to transform a target adding functionalities to it

PHASE 5 by rundus

by Rundus 26 September 1997

A location helds the secret

PHASE 6 by Quine:

Extending the IDA Script Language
by Quine - 27 January 1998

A First Stab

PHASE 7 by -MML-:

Cracking MicroCal Origin 5.0 in 3 Simple Ways
by Quine - 03 May 1998

A First Stab

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