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There is not a single cracked or pirated copy of software on this page. You'll find here only shareware (uncracked) or our own program... lex super regem.

Well, I decided to create this NEW page: "really useful tools", because I feel that newbyes and old hands alike need to exchange opinions and experiences on this argument. I'll present here, and comment, the "main" tools that we currently use in our endeavours. All the tools of the world are available on the web, regged and pirated, not regged and with serial, not regged and uncracked, not regged and cracked, in beta version, in special trial version... you name it, you'll find it (provided you have learned HOW to search the web), you may eventually have to crack some banal protection in order to use it as long as you fancy.

Let's see what we need, what we have and what we should seek... You may enjoy reading my local copy of "Mammon_'s Tales to his Grandson: Breathing Life into Dead Listings", where you'll be able to get "an introduction to a number of "dead-listing" tools". It's only an old copy, of course: the real page can be have (with many other goodies) on Mammon_'s own VERY GOOD site.

Anyway, here my "short" list of special tools... comments are welcome:
SWISS KNIFE            ;download symdeb (25.265)
DEBUGGER               ;fetch Softice 
                       ;or use Wdasm89 capabilities
                       ;or fetch Micro$oft's iwindbg.exe (1.259.152 bytes)
DISASSEMBLER           ;fetch IDA pro version 3.7
		       ;fetch Wdasm32 version 8.9
RESOURCE WORKSHOP      ;fetch Borland Resource Workshop version 4.5
HEX EDITOR             ;fetch Hexworkshop or download psedit (64.264)
PROCESS VIEWER         ;find and download MS pview95 v. 4 (22.711)
HEAP WALKER            ;find and download MS heapwalk v. 3.1 (96.074)
HEAP WATCHER           ;find and download MS heapwatch 32 v. 1.15 (24.666)
PROCESS WALKER         ;find and download process walker (35.567)
WINSPY UTILITY         ;find and download Watcom's Spy 11 (141.786)
FILE MONITOR           ;Mark Russinovich's filemon with source!
REGISTER MONITOR       ;Mark Russinovich's regmon with source!
VXD MONITOR            ;Mark Russinovich's vxdmon with source!
RULER                  ;download the ruler (26.169)   
ASCII.HLP              ;download ascii (3.995)
BASE CONVERTER         ;download bconv (58.717)    
OTHER UTILITIES        ;go to my little learning tools page.
API LIST...            ;you'll find API lists everywhere on the web, even at Micro$oft's
...COMPILERS...        ;lair, and in the help files of all recent compilers. Do not forget 
  ...TOOLS...          ;that PC reviews are nowadays so desperate to sell that they carry 
    ...AND OTHER...    ;oft onto their "free" CD-roms WHOLE COMPILERS!. Here the most recent 
     ...GOODIES!       ;"coups" that you could have made:
August 1997 and October 1997 PcPlus, n.130 (UK) THE COMPLETE Borland C++ version 4.5 with BRW version 4.5!! 3.99 UK Sterling Incredible but true
May 1997 PCPLus, n. 35b (UK) THE COMPLETE Borland Delphi version 1, with all API help files 3.99 UK Sterling Yessir!
May 1996 Compatibles PC Mag, Hors serie 20 (FR) THE COMPLETE IBM visual Age C++ (with a banal "Cinderella" protection scheme) *and* the COMPLETE Java (Sun) Developer Kit 1.01 29 FF Wanna visualcode? Wanna Java?

The above table is under construction... of course I cannot monitor all the thousand of reviews that are published every month everywhere in every language (I wonder if somebody does monitor them :-)... please let me know IMMEDIATELY if something valuable has been published somewhere!
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