A "Laying Eggs" target
(reverse engineering a paranoid and tough protection scheme)


by Kox

(30 August 1997)

Courtesy of fravia's page of reverse engineering

Well, a paranoid and tough protection scheme cracked by a young +cracker! And some work to DO for all +HCU's "old hands". Nice essay, Kox!

A "Laying Eggs" target by Kox (Laying Eggs is a Kox's tm Expression) First i would like everybody to execuse me.I am just a newbie (started learning x86 asm. 2 months ago). And i would like to welcome back +ORC (nice having you back +ORC) and thank him for such great essays. And to thank +Fravia for such a great job on a wonderful site. (Hey Fravia: Can't wait to see Filmon VxD part, so far the 4 parts are GREAT !!) After reading through Frog's Print essay about MeltICE, i decided to go and search the net on the subject... I found the home page of the author (David Eriksson) And with no surprises i found that the author of this is a shareware programmer. He contibuted writing a shareware program called "Shell Wizard". Since it is always a good thing to study our enemy's behaviour.. I decided to have a look at that prog.. "Shell Wizard" is a "tweaking" program, which has much in common with "Winhacker95 v2" except that it has more so called "clever hacks" to the system. (Believe it or not!! It removes startup (NAG) screens from some programs!!) It even has a filesplit tool, an SFX explorer and a Program doctor. The latest version is v3 and can be found at http://www.shellwizard.com Tools you will need: 1.SoftICE v3 (Thank god there exist such wonderful tools) http://www.numega.com 2.Your favourite text-hex editor (UltraEdit recommended) 3.Your favourite assembler (MASM or TASM) 4.Filemon3 by Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell http://www.ntinternals.com 5.Brain power 6.Some ZeN 7.Loadsa NEScafe.(Any kinda coffee will do) -- (sorry +ORC and Coktail lovers, >> doctor's orders) Tools you will not need: 1.W32DASM 8.9 (You will find out soon why we don't need it) Well ,before starting the crack .. i knew what i was gonna face, a missing file registration system. I had a key file made by Killer+Bee of Phrozen Crew 97 (just to give credits were they belong),so i wasn't the first one. But this is just an exercise. But that key file i had does not show who the program is registered to. (just shows trash at the "Registered to:" dialog) And keyfiles are just like serial numbers .. (not acceptable to use them for someone in our trade) I started up the prog without using the keyfile.. the prog. says it has 20 days remaining of evaluation. Well i looked at the prog. folder .. It has the following files: ART <DIR> 16BIT <DIR> PLUGINS <DIR> swres.dll _DEISREG.ISR ShellWizard.exe ; main program (target) sw30gsui.dll swclear.exe ; helper program swexpex.exe ; helper program _ISREG32.DLL ShellWizard Extra Desktop Backgrounds.exe ; helper program ShellWizard File Split.exe ; helper program ShellWizard Program Doctor.exe SfxExplorer.exe ; helper program As you can see this has five executables. each of them having their own registration check. So a patch was not like an elegant solution. (and they are checksumed too.. too much trouble to patch) Well, we will choose one target ,the ShellWizard.exe and all the others should follow the path.. Fire "FileMon" (version 3 recommended) Startup Shellwizard.exe Observe what happens before the days remaining NAG screen. (abreviated "Filemon" log) 131 Shellwiz Write C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\PER2.PER SUCCESS Offset: 0 Length: 11776 132 Shellwiz Close C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\PER2.PER SUCCESS 132 Shellwiz Close C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\PER2.PER SUCCESS 135 Shellwiz Open C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\PER2.PER SUCCESS OPENEXISTING OPENALWAYS 136 Shellwiz Read C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\PER2.PER SUCCESS Offset: 0 Length: 64 160 Shellwiz Attributes C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\SW30.LIC NOTFOUND GetAttributes 194 Shellwiz Delete C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\PER2.PER SUCCESS what is this ?? I knew before the registration filename was SW30.lic so that was ok.. but what is PER2.PER ? Hold on. Lets inspect this even more . That PER2.PER gets created before the check for SW30.lic and after that it gets deleted ... Looks very weird !! So,let's go on with the known tactic. Create a bogus file SW30.lic and put it in the windows\system dir. Just fill it with anything .. Let's see what happens to it .. Fire softice :bpx Kernel32!CreateFileA Well, soft ice pops up. (from now on the segment addresses on your machine may be different) :F12 (couple of times till we get out of MFC42 ) 0137:00420DBF 8BF1 MOV ESI,ECX 0137:00420DC1 FF7510 PUSH DWORD PTR [EBP+10] 0137:00420DC4 FF7508 PUSH DWORD PTR [EBP+08] ; 'PER2.PER' pushed 0137:00420DC7 E824E7FFFF CALL 0041F4F0 ;this calls an MFC function 0137:00420DCC 33DB XOR EBX,EBX ;that called Kernel32!CreateFileA 0137:00420DCE 8BCF MOV ECX,EDI 0137:00420DD0 53 PUSH EBX 0137:00420DD1 895DFC MOV [EBP-04],EBX well we go trace a little bit and find data being writen to that file. :F12 0137:0040C478 8D4DCC LEA ECX,[EBP-34] 0137:0040C47B 68C0AA4300 PUSH 0043AAC0 0137:0040C480 50 PUSH EAX 0137:0040C481 E823490100 CALL 00420DA9 ;this called the previous snippet 0137:0040C486 C745FC01000000 MOV DWORD PTR [EBP-04],00000001 ;we land here 0137:0040C48D 53 PUSH EBX ; 'PER2.PER' 0137:0040C48E 6A00 PUSH 00 0137:0040C490 FF15D40A4700 CALL [KERNEL32!GetModuleHandleA] ; hahaha, so that's what PER2.PER is 0137:0040C496 50 PUSH EAX 0137:0040C497 FFD6 CALL ESI 0137:0040C499 50 PUSH EAX 0137:0040C49A 8D4DCC LEA ECX,[EBP-34] 0137:0040C49D 8B45EC MOV EAX,[EBP-14] 0137:0040C4A0 50 PUSH EAX 0137:0040C4A1 E8534A0100 CALL 00420EF9 0137:0040C4A6 8D4DCC LEA ECX,[EBP-34] 0137:0040C4A9 E82A300100 CALL 0041F4D8 0137:0040C4AE 8D85C8FEFFFF LEA EAX,[EBP-0138] YOU see that KERNEL32!GetModuleHandleA call .. The following is from Borland C 4.5 API reference Help file ----------------------------------------------------------- The GetModuleHandle function returns a module handle for the specified module if the file has been mapped into the address space of the calling process. HMODULE GetModuleHandle( LPCTSTR lpModuleName // address of module name to return handle for ); ----------------------------------------------------------- hahaha , so that PER2.PER is just a mer .dll file that the SHELLWIZARD.EXE "Lays Eggs" into.. Ladies and gentelmen, hereby i hold the trademark for the "Laying Eggs" expression :) That PER2.PER is encrypted in the ShellWizard.exe file. Then, on execution, it gets decrypted and written to the hard drive. Then it gets loaded as a normal .dll Then, functions within it are called from the main ShellWizard.exe Clever ,Eh... (Too many hassles for a 20 US $$ program :) I bet that's where our registration check is. =============== To: Senior +HCU members ================== (I did a bpx on DeleteFileA to prevent the program from deleting that file after executing it.. And i got a copy of it, which i disassembled with W32DASM 8.9, but i found out that it has nothing to do with what i found out in SoftICE... some instructions are missing... maybe some senior +HCU member can tell us why? N.B. it is not encrypted twice (at least i think so) It has the following text written inside: "SECCryptoFile cannot be opened in both Output Feedback (OFB) mode and CFile::modeReadWrite" This must be a joke.."SECCrypto" ,eh. ========================================================================== so we continue with our investigation.. we want to get to the point where this PER2.PER reads the registration file. so we continue with :bpx Kernel32!CreateFileA :x well, nothing .. SoftICE doesn't pop again I try :bpx CreateFile too, but no luck.. whats wrong ? Maybe it's checking for the filesize. so. we start this time with :bpx Kernel32!GetFileSize Well, nothing again.. Damn .. i must be forgetting something.. Well, remember the Filemonitor log: 160 Shellwiz Attributes C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\SW30.LIC NOTFOUND GetAttributes So that's why . it is using the Kernel32!GetFileAttributesA function . and that sure can get the size of the file without using the very common Kernel32!GetFileSize function.. So we set a bpx in softice and start again... :BPX Kernel32!GetFileAttributesA Softice breaks several time for many files.. (The next snippet included) 0137:0040C3F9 8D85C8FEFFFF LEA EAX,[EBP-0138] ; 'PER2.PER' 0137:0040C3FF 8B35E00A4700 MOV ESI,[KERNEL32!GetFileAttributesA] 0137:0040C405 50 PUSH EAX 0137:0040C406 FFD6 CALL ESI 0137:0040C408 83F8FF CMP EAX,-01 0137:0040C40B 744C JZ 0040C459 ;file exists 0137:0040C40D 6880000000 PUSH 00000080 0137:0040C412 8D85C8FEFFFF LEA EAX,[EBP-0138] 0137:0040C418 50 PUSH EAX 0137:0040C419 FF15C00A4700 CALL [KERNEL32!SetFileAttributesA] ;set attributes 0137:0040C41F 8D8DC8FEFFFF LEA ECX,[EBP-0138] 0137:0040C425 51 PUSH ECX 0137:0040C426 FF15AC0A4700 CALL [KERNEL32!DeleteFileA] ;to delete a prevoius copy 0137:0040C42C 8D8DC8FEFFFF LEA ECX,[EBP-0138] 0137:0040C432 51 PUSH ECX 0137:0040C433 FFD6 CALL ESI 0137:0040C435 83F8FF CMP EAX,-01 0137:0040C438 741F JZ 0040C459 ;Could not delete 0137:0040C43A 6A10 PUSH 10 0137:0040C43C 68F8AB4300 PUSH 0043ABF8 0137:0040C441 68D8AB4300 PUSH 0043ABD8 0137:0040C446 6A00 PUSH 00 0137:0040C448 FF15F4114700 CALL [USER32!MessageBoxA] ;display error message 0137:0040C44E 6A00 PUSH 00 the program is checking for a prevoius copy of PER2.PER ,that a cracker may have patched and placed in the windows\temp folder... and deletes it to create an untampered one just in case. So a patch to the PER2.PER is not easily applicable. we continue :x We break here, too. (this is PER2.PER context) 0137:00C310F8 8D85D0FEFFFF LEA EAX,[EBP-0130] ; windows\system\sw30.lic 0137:00C310FE 50 PUSH EAX 0137:00C310FF FF15F871C300 CALL [KERNEL32!GetFileAttributesA] 0137:00C31105 83F8FF CMP EAX,-01 0137:00C31108 0F84BF000000 JZ 00C311CD 0137:00C3110E 8D8550FDFFFF LEA EAX,[EBP-02B0] 0137:00C31114 8D8DD0FEFFFF LEA ECX,[EBP-0130] 0137:00C3111A 50 PUSH EAX 0137:00C3111B 51 PUSH ECX 0137:00C3111C E8D1120000 CALL 00C323F2 ;an MFC function that calls ;calls FindFirstFile ;and FindOpen 0137:00C31121 81BD5CFDFFFF00080000CMP DWORD PTR [EBP-02A4],00000800 ;file size!! 0137:00C3112B 0F859C000000 JNZ 00C311CD ;not correct >> buzz off 0137:00C31131 6A01 PUSH 01 0137:00C31133 8D85D0FEFFFF LEA EAX,[EBP-0130] 0137:00C31139 6A00 PUSH 00 0137:00C3113B 8D4DD4 LEA ECX,[EBP-2C] if we inspect [ebp-02a4] we find our bogus file size. so we now know that the file size should be 0x800 or 2048 bytes. Back to the drawing board! Let's correct our bogus "sw30.lic" file size to 2048 bytes. Remove the Kernel32!GetFileAttributesA breakpoint and set :bpx Kernel32!CreateFileA then start ShellWizard again. SoftICE breaks for the PER2.PER file. :X SoftICE breaks again :F12 (till we get out of MFC42) 0137:00C32A63 53 PUSH EBX 0137:00C32A64 56 PUSH ESI 0137:00C32A65 894DF0 MOV [EBP-10],ECX 0137:00C32A68 57 PUSH EDI 0137:00C32A69 8D7910 LEA EDI,[ECX+10] 0137:00C32A6C 8BF1 MOV ESI,ECX 0137:00C32A6E FF7510 PUSH DWORD PTR [EBP+10] 0137:00C32A71 FF7508 PUSH DWORD PTR [EBP+08] ; "windows\system\sw30.lic" 0137:00C32A74 E8E5050000 CALL 00C3305E ;MFC42 function to 0137:00C32A79 33DB XOR EBX,EBX ;that calles Kernel32!CreateFilea 0137:00C32A7B 8BCF MOV ECX,EDI Great, so our bait is on. so let's disable the previous BP and set :bpx Kernel32!ReadFile :x We land here :F12 (till we get out of MFC42) 0137:00C32B76 8D7110 LEA ESI,[ECX+10] 0137:00C32B79 8BF9 MOV EDI,ECX 0137:00C32B7B 8BCE MOV ECX,ESI 0137:00C32B7D E8E0010000 CALL 00C32D62 0137:00C32B82 FF750C PUSH DWORD PTR [EBP+0C] ; 0xA bytes 0137:00C32B85 FF7508 PUSH DWORD PTR [EBP+08] ; buffer to read into 0137:00C32B88 8BCF MOV ECX,EDI 0137:00C32B8A E8D5040000 CALL 00C33064 ;A MFC42 function that calls ;Kernel32!ReadFile Setting the usual BPMD on [ebp+08] :x SoftICE lands us here ;First decryption routine ;Used for block X (you will know what is block X later) 0137:00C32D9F 55 PUSH EBP 0137:00C32DA0 8BEC MOV EBP,ESP 0137:00C32DA2 83EC08 SUB ESP,08 0137:00C32DA5 53 PUSH EBX 0137:00C32DA6 8B450C MOV EAX,[EBP+0C] 0137:00C32DA9 56 PUSH ESI 0137:00C32DAA 57 PUSH EDI 0137:00C32DAB 83790800 CMP DWORD PTR [ECX+08],00 ;do we want ;1st or 2nd dercryptor 0137:00C32DAF 8BF1 MOV ESI,ECX 0137:00C32DB1 7569 JNZ 00C32E1C ;second? then go there 0137:00C32DB3 85C0 TEST EAX,EAX 0137:00C32DB5 0F8EC6000000 JLE 00C32E81 0137:00C32DBB 8945F8 MOV [EBP-08],EAX 0137:00C32DBE 8B7D08 MOV EDI,[EBP+08] ;block X buffer 0137:00C32DC1 33DB XOR EBX,EBX 0137:00C32DC3 C6055451C30000 MOV BYTE PTR [00C35154],00 0137:00C32DCA FF4508 INC DWORD PTR [EBP+08] 0137:00C32DCD 391E CMP [ESI],EBX 0137:00C32DCF 7E1F JLE 00C32DF0 0137:00C32DD1 895DFC MOV [EBP-04],EBX 0137:00C32DD4 6A00 PUSH 00 0137:00C32DD6 8B4E04 MOV ECX,[ESI+04] 0137:00C32DD9 034DFC ADD ECX,[EBP-04] ;new look up table 0137:00C32DDC 43 INC EBX 0137:00C32DDD E87D010000 CALL 00C32F5F ;IMPORTANT ;MAGIC generator 0137:00C32DE2 8345FC0C ADD DWORD PTR [EBP-04],0C ;adjust new entry for look up ;tables. 0137:00C32DE6 30055451C300 XOR [00C35154],AL ;xor new magic with old magic 0137:00C32DEC 391E CMP [ESI],EBX 0137:00C32DEE 7FE4 JG 00C32DD4 ;magic loop ,executed 3 times each run 0137:00C32DF0 8A07 MOV AL,[EDI] ;Read encrypted byte 0137:00C32DF2 32055451C300 XOR AL,[00C35154] ;xor with magic 0137:00C32DF8 32055C51C300 XOR AL,[00C3515C] ;xor with prevoius decrypted byte 0137:00C32DFE A20463C300 MOV [00C36304],AL ;save decrypted 0137:00C32E03 837E0C01 CMP DWORD PTR [ESI+0C],01 0137:00C32E07 7505 JNZ 00C32E0E 0137:00C32E09 A25C51C300 MOV [00C3515C],AL ; 0137:00C32E0E A00463C300 MOV AL,[00C36304] ;restore decrypted byte 0137:00C32E13 FF4DF8 DEC DWORD PTR [EBP-08] ;counter 0137:00C32E16 8807 MOV [EDI],AL ;save decrypted value in block 0137:00C32E18 75A4 JNZ 00C32DBE ;go on 0137:00C32E1A EB65 JMP 00C32E81 0137:00C32E1C 85C0 TEST EAX,EAX 0137:00C32E1E 7E61 JLE 00C32E81 ;Second decryption routine (much the same like the 1st one) ;Used for block Y (you will know what is block Y later) 0137:00C32E20 8945F8 MOV [EBP-08],EAX 0137:00C32E23 8B7D08 MOV EDI,[EBP+08] 0137:00C32E26 33DB XOR EBX,EBX 0137:00C32E28 C6055451C30000 MOV BYTE PTR [00C35154],00 0137:00C32E2F FF4508 INC DWORD PTR [EBP+08] 0137:00C32E32 391E CMP [ESI],EBX 0137:00C32E34 7E1F JLE 00C32E55 0137:00C32E36 895DFC MOV [EBP-04],EBX 0137:00C32E39 6A00 PUSH 00 0137:00C32E3B 8B4E04 MOV ECX,[ESI+04] 0137:00C32E3E 034DFC ADD ECX,[EBP-04] 0137:00C32E41 43 INC EBX 0137:00C32E42 E818010000 CALL 00C32F5F 0137:00C32E47 8345FC0C ADD DWORD PTR [EBP-04],0C 0137:00C32E4B 30055451C300 XOR [00C35154],AL 0137:00C32E51 391E CMP [ESI],EBX 0137:00C32E53 7FE4 JG 00C32E39 0137:00C32E55 8A07 MOV AL,[EDI] 0137:00C32E57 32055451C300 XOR AL,[00C35154] 0137:00C32E5D 32055851C300 XOR AL,[00C35158] 0137:00C32E63 A20563C300 MOV [00C36305],AL 0137:00C32E68 837E0C01 CMP DWORD PTR [ESI+0C],01 0137:00C32E6C 7507 JNZ 00C32E75 0137:00C32E6E 8A07 MOV AL,[EDI] 0137:00C32E70 A25851C300 MOV [00C35158],AL 0137:00C32E75 A00563C300 MOV AL,[00C36305] 0137:00C32E7A FF4DF8 DEC DWORD PTR [EBP-08] 0137:00C32E7D 8807 MOV [EDI],AL 0137:00C32E7F 75A2 JNZ 00C32E23 0137:00C32E81 5F POP EDI 0137:00C32E82 5E POP ESI 0137:00C32E83 5B POP EBX 0137:00C32E84 8BE5 MOV ESP,EBP 0137:00C32E86 5D POP EBP 0137:00C32E87 C20800 RET 0008 0137:00C32E8A 55 PUSH EBP 0137:00C32E8B 8BEC MOV EBP,ESP 0137:00C32E8D 83EC08 SUB ESP,08 0137:00C32E90 C645FF00 MOV BYTE PTR [EBP-01],00 0137:00C32E94 53 PUSH EBX 0137:00C32E95 56 PUSH ESI 0137:00C32E96 33DB XOR EBX,EBX 0137:00C32E98 395D14 CMP [EBP+14],EBX 0137:00C32E9B 7E3B JLE 00C32ED8 0137:00C32E9D 8B7508 MOV ESI,[EBP+08] The above is self explainatory. it decrypts the buffer as follows: decrypted_byte = (magic_value) xor (current byte) xor (prevoius decrypted byte) ;Magic generator 0137:00C32F5F 56 PUSH ESI 0137:00C32F60 8B01 MOV EAX,[ECX] ;table entry in eax 0137:00C32F62 8D7108 LEA ESI,[ECX+08] ;element number 0137:00C32F65 8B16 MOV EDX,[ESI] ;element number 0137:00C32F67 8A0410 MOV AL,[EDX+EAX] ;get magic element 0137:00C32F6A 42 INC EDX 0137:00C32F6B 8916 MOV [ESI],EDX 0137:00C32F6D 395104 CMP [ECX+04],EDX 0137:00C32F70 7506 JNZ 00C32F78 0137:00C32F72 C70600000000 MOV DWORD PTR [ESI],00000000 0137:00C32F78 5E POP ESI 0137:00C32F79 C20400 RET 0004 The magic generator is really a mess.... It uses 6 or so tables... with their pointers held at 0xC offsets from each others and it gets the magic value by xoring 3 entries from different tables.. (yet i found a back door, read on :) Well what calls this ? :F12 (twice) 0137:00C310FF FF15F871C300 CALL [KERNEL32!GetFileAttributesA] 0137:00C31105 83F8FF CMP EAX,-01 0137:00C31108 0F84BF000000 JZ 00C311CD 0137:00C3110E 8D8550FDFFFF LEA EAX,[EBP-02B0] 0137:00C31114 8D8DD0FEFFFF LEA ECX,[EBP-0130] 0137:00C3111A 50 PUSH EAX 0137:00C3111B 51 PUSH ECX 0137:00C3111C E8D1120000 CALL 00C323F2 ;MFC function for FindFirstFile and FindOpen 0137:00C31121 81BD5CFDFFFF00080000CMP DWORD PTR [EBP-02A4],00000800 ;check for file size 0137:00C3112B 0F859C000000 JNZ 00C311CD 0137:00C31131 6A01 PUSH 01 0137:00C31133 8D85D0FEFFFF LEA EAX,[EBP-0130] 0137:00C31139 6A00 PUSH 00 0137:00C3113B 8D4DD4 LEA ECX,[EBP-2C] 0137:00C3113E 684450C300 PUSH 00C35044 0137:00C31143 50 PUSH EAX 0137:00C31144 E80D190000 CALL 00C32A56 0137:00C31149 6A0A PUSH 0A ; 0xA bytes please 0137:00C3114B 8D8568FEFFFF LEA EAX,[EBP-0198] ;in here 0137:00C31151 50 PUSH EAX 0137:00C31152 8D4DD4 LEA ECX,[EBP-2C] 0137:00C31155 C745FC00000000 MOV DWORD PTR [EBP-04],00000000 0137:00C3115C E80E1A0000 CALL 00C32B6F ;yes please, decrypt ;the above call is where we landed in ;when we set the Kernel32!ReadFile the 1st time 0137:00C31161 68A8030000 PUSH 000003A8 ; 0x3a8 bytes please 0137:00C31166 A12C52C300 MOV EAX,[00C3522C] 0137:00C3116B 50 PUSH EAX ;in here 0137:00C3116C 8D4DD4 LEA ECX,[EBP-2C] 0137:00C3116F E8FB190000 CALL 00C32B6F ;decrypt 0137:00C31174 6A0A PUSH 0A ;0xA 0137:00C31176 8D8568FEFFFF LEA EAX,[EBP-0198]; in here 0137:00C3117C 50 PUSH EAX 0137:00C3117D 8D4DD4 LEA ECX,[EBP-2C] 0137:00C31180 E8EA190000 CALL 00C32B6F ;go decrypt 0137:00C31185 68A8030000 PUSH 000003A8 ; 0x3a8 0137:00C3118A 8D4DD4 LEA ECX,[EBP-2C] 0137:00C3118D 53 PUSH EBX 0137:00C3118E 8BFB MOV EDI,EBX ;Y block 0137:00C31190 E8DA190000 CALL 00C32B6F ;go decrypt 0137:00C31195 8D4DD4 LEA ECX,[EBP-2C] 0137:00C31198 E84F120000 CALL 00C323EC ;close file (mfc42 call) 0137:00C3119D B9A8030000 MOV ECX,000003A8 ;compare 0x3a8 bytes 0137:00C311A2 8B352C52C300 MOV ESI,[00C3522C]; X 0x3a8 bytes block 0137:00C311A8 F3A6 REPZ CMPSB ;compare the X and Y blocks 0137:00C311AA B801000000 MOV EAX,00000001 0137:00C311AF 7402 JZ 00C311B3 ;equal ? 0137:00C311B1 33C0 XOR EAX,EAX ;no.. >bad guy 0137:00C311B3 53 PUSH EBX 0137:00C311B4 A34050C300 MOV [00C35040],EAX ;save for later 0137:00C311B9 E822120000 CALL 00C323E0 0137:00C311BE C745FCFFFFFFFF MOV DWORD PTR [EBP-04],FFFFFFFF 0137:00C311C5 83C404 ADD ESP,04 0137:00C311C8 E810000000 CALL 00C311DD 0137:00C311CD 8B45F4 MOV EAX,[EBP-0C] 0137:00C311D0 5F POP EDI 0137:00C311D1 64A300000000 MOV FS:[00000000],EAX 0137:00C311D7 5E POP ESI 0137:00C311D8 5B POP EBX 0137:00C311D9 8BE5 MOV ESP,EBP 0137:00C311DB 5D POP EBP 0137:00C311DC C3 RET (The above code is called THREE times from ShellWizard.exe) Those programmers are sure paranoid about the safety of their apps.) The above code does the following: 1.Check for sw30.lic filesize = 2048 bytes. 2.Read 0xA bytes and decrypts them with the CALL 00C32B6F 3.Read 0x3A8 bytes and decrypts them with the CALL 00C32B6F 4.Read 0xA bytes and decrypts them with the CALL 00C32B6F 5.Read 0x3A8 bytes and decrypts them with the CALL 00C32B6F 6.Point ESI to the decrypted X block 7.Point EDI to the decrypted Y block 8.Compare them REPZ CMPSB 9.If identical -> Good guy 10.If Different -> Bad guy Set a bpx on SetFilePointerA (to know which offsets in the key file are read in what order). Tracing through the above code SoftICE pops only on the Kernel32!ReadFile function So we know the blocks read are consecutive. Well the file structure of the key file is exposed now: 0xA bytes ; not used (zero all for simplicity) 0x3a8 bytes ; first block to decrypt (block X) 0xA bytes ; not used (zero all for simplicity) 0x3a8 bytes ; second block to decrypt (block Y) 0x9c bytes ; never used (you could write your grandma's recipe for stew in here :-) ------- 0x800 bytes total (i.e. 2048 bytes=2 KB) To be a good buy the following should be True The decryption of block X = the decryption of block Y All of this is very simple but the magic numbers are the real pain. To me dwelving through the magic number generator was not easy.. (decrypting 0x3a8 bytes times 2 = 0x750 bytes is not easy for any one) So let's ZEN a little bit.. Those magic numbers look to me like independant of what gets encrypted. So if we can get hold of them we can make our own key file generator. But how can we get them ? (sure not by handwriting them :) Well , the answer is easy... (Any_value) xor (zero) = (Any_value) i.e. (0x2a) xor (zero) = (0x2a) So if we zero all our key file ... the program will kindly give us the magic numbers. Cause when it xors all magic numbers with zeros ,the result will be magic numbers only. so back to our hex editor.. edit the key file so that it all becomes zeros. then set a bpx at: 0137:00C311A8 F3A6 REPZ CMPSB ;compare the 0x3a8 bytes blocks then we will have in ESI the X block magic numbers. and in EDI the Y block magic numbers ready for us to dump to disk.. voila .. (I got those dumps by disabling the data window ( :wd ) in softice then saving the command history from the SymbolLoader... Just in case someone was wondering) :d esi 013F:00720078 75 9B 99 54 58 92 01 82-E3 E7 29 85 76 BE 5E 55 u..TX.....).v.^U 013F:00720088 81 1D 3E 89 37 97 28 94-CD 2C F0 A2 7D 02 09 67 ..>.7.(..,..}..g ----- abreviated ----- 013F:00720408 93 A6 D6 38 6E 12 D1 91-17 0E E3 1E 84 F8 BE AB ...8n........... 013F:00720418 DF 4E 3B AD 67 08 73 F7 .N;.g.s......... :d edi 013F:0072042C 43 3F FF 19 07 BB 67 46-25 0C C2 53 9C 00 C5 59 C?....gF%..S...Y 013F:0072043C 22 66 35 90 F0 36 E4 C0-C6 26 31 81 31 57 9A D1 "f5..6...&1.1W.. ----- abreviated ----- 013F:007207BC 08 E9 F6 4A 53 DB 33 86-83 52 C5 26 36 82 41 4F ...JS.3..R.&6.AO 013F:007207CC 92 54 5F 35 23 4E 97 98 .T_5#N.......... Then writing our registration key generator is just a matter of some time spent at our assembler editor.. Observe the following... In the key generator you start backwords. i.e. you should start with 2 equal X and Y block. Then each of them gets encrypted with it's own magic values. So we end up with a registration file that has 2 diferent X , Y blocks But after decryption by ShellWizard they become identical again (the way they started in our key generator) Just one thing to notice.. We still had the problem of having trash at the "Registered to:" dialog in ShellWizard ..by i found out that those values are read from the decrypted blocks X and Y (This is logic,isn't it ?) To know the exact offsets of the "Registered to:" dialog strings. Just use a fill command in softice at 0137:00C311A8 F3A6 REPZ CMPSB ;compare the 0x3a8 bytes blocks and :F edi L 0f 'Kox',0 :F esi L 0f 'Kox',0 Repeat the above for 7-8 times while raising the values 0x0f by 0x10 bytes each time then observe the "Registered to:" dialog I already did that,and i found out that: The name offset: relative to the begining of 0x3a8 blocks = 0x00 The organization offset: relative to the begining of 0x3a8 blocks = 0x65 --------------------------------------- Lessons learned: 1.The "Laying Eggs" technique. 2.The zero input to get magic values trick. 3.That shareware programmers are reading our essays. (They are observing the enemy too :) 4.The programmers of ShellWizard are paranoid about protections. 5.God save the Qween and "SoftICE". 6.NEScafe sucks (i'll switch to ICE Tea :) Well that's it. C U Kox What follows is the source code for the keyfile generator. The two buffers are filled with 0x20 values (space). Or you could fill it with whatever you like. Remember that: encrypted_byte = (magic_value) xor (current_byte) xor (prevoius_encrypted_byte) ;+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ;+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ;ShellWizard 3 Pro. Key generator by Kox ;excuse my assembley skill (i am only a newbie ) .model small .code ORG 100H start: JMP begin print PROC near ;a normal print prodecure ;accessed with DX=buffer to print MOV ah,09 INT 21h ; Show text RET print ENDP write_it PROC near ;procedure to write ;buffers to file MOV DX,offset file_name ;setup to create file MOV AX,3c00H XOR CX,CX INT 21H JC done_writing ;Error? go away. MOV handle,AX MOV AH,40H ;setup to write the file MOV BX,handle ;load file handle MOV CX,0800h ;write 2048 bytes. MOV DX,offset file_data ;point to file data INT 21H ;make the write close_it: MOV AH,3EH ;write was successful INT 21H ;close file and return done_writing: RET write_it ENDP prepare_encrypt PROC near ;This procedure copies the user input ;name and organisation to block ; X and buffer Y mov si,offset name_store+2 mov di,offset name1 xor cx,cx mov cl,[si-1] ;number of characters entered rep movsb xor cx,cx mov [di],cl ;terminate the string with (null) mov si,offset name_store+2 mov di,offset name2 xor cx,cx mov cl,[si-1] ;number of characters entered rep movsb xor cx,cx mov [di],cl ;terminate the string with (null) mov si,offset org_store+2 mov di,offset company1 xor cx,cx mov cl,[si-1] ;number of characters entered rep movsb xor cx,cx mov [di],cl ;terminate the string in buffer with (null) mov si,offset org_store+2 mov di,offset company2 xor cx,cx mov cl,[si-1] ;number of characters entered rep movsb xor cx,cx mov [di],cl ;terminate the string in buffer with (null) RET prepare_encrypt ENDP encrypt_it PROC near xor bx,bx mov si,offset table1 ;magic table1 for X block in si mov di,offset name1 ;to be encrypted X block in di xor cx,cx phase1: ;phase1 for block X mov al,bl ;prev char xor al,[si] ;xor it with magic xor [di],al ;xor with current char and save mov bl,[di] ;get current encrypted char for next run inc di inc si inc cx cmp cx,03a8H ;are we finished? jl phase1 ;no. then loop again xor bx,bx mov si,offset table2 ;magic table2 for Y block in si mov di,offset name2 ;to be encrypted Y block in di xor cx,cx phase2: ;phase 2 for block Y mov al,bl ;prev char xor al,[si] ;xor with magic xor [di],al ;xor with current char and save mov bl,[di] ;get current encrypted char for next run inc di inc si inc cx cmp cx,03a8H ;are we finished? jl phase2 ;no. then loop again RET encrypt_it ENDP ;================================================== ;=== Main body === ;================================================== begin PROC near mov dx,offset banner Call print mov dx,offset enter_name call print mov ah,0Ah mov dx,offset name_store int 21h ; Get name mov dx,offset enter_org call print mov ah,0Ah mov dx,offset org_store int 21h ; Get organization Call prepare_encrypt ;copy name and organisation to buffers Call encrypt_it ;encrypt X and Y blocks Call write_it ;write the file sw30.lic mov dx,offset instructions ;give user instructions Call print exit: MOV AX,4C00H ;and exit INT 21H begin ENDP ;================================================== ;=== End of Main body === ;================================================== file_name: DB 'sw30.lic',0 handle: DW 0 name_store: DB 18h,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 org_store: DB 18h,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 banner: DB 13,10,'Shell Wizard 3.0 Pro Regfile generator by Kox' DB 13,10,'N.B.: This prog. had a "paranoia" protection rating of 9/10 (VERY Paranoid)' DB 13,10,'$' enter_name: DB 13,10,'Enter your Name (max 20 char) : ' DB '$' enter_org: DB 13,10,'Enter your Organization (max 20 char) : ' DB '$' instructions: DB 13,10 DB 13,10,'Now copy the file sw30.lic to your windows\system dir' DB 13,10,'Thank you for using Kox Products' DB '$' table1: ;magic numbers for block Y ;remember? we go them by ; :d edi in SoftICE at the REPZ CMPSB line ;Then i just trimmed them in UltraEdit ;with some Search and Replace commands DB 075h,09Bh,099h,054h,058h,092h,001h,082h,0E3h,0E7h,029h,085h,076h,0BEh,05Eh,055h DB 081h,01Dh,03Eh,089h,037h,097h,028h,094h,0CDh,02Ch,0F0h,0A2h,07Dh,002h,009h,067h DB 0F9h,052h,04Ah,067h,056h,08Bh,035h,002h,0B1h,01Eh,0E8h,0C2h,04Eh,058h,05Dh,003h DB 05Bh,063h,052h,072h,064h,0C4h,04Eh,03Ah,0F1h,067h,098h,01Dh,009h,05Ch,0FAh,04Dh DB 025h,099h,0D9h,06Eh,04Bh,0D3h,06Eh,0F7h,03Bh,0E0h,0A4h,03Fh,057h,00Ah,0DDh,090h DB 083h,008h,0B4h,072h,084h,0F9h,009h,041h,0DDh,03Fh,024h,011h,015h,02Ah,064h,033h DB 0DAh,039h,0C8h,02Ah,0CDh,06Ch,0FEh,02Ch,04Eh,063h,066h,0A9h,011h,050h,06Fh,005h DB 0E3h,0BDh,0CCh,01Eh,096h,0F5h,06Ah,02Ch,0A7h,037h,0F2h,091h,08Dh,01Bh,0B7h,068h DB 0EBh,013h,0FAh,081h,0EEh,006h,071h,051h,0DDh,0CDh,0BCh,00Ah,018h,081h,0A0h,09Bh DB 057h,0A9h,02Bh,0FEh,0DBh,074h,0A7h,038h,012h,041h,070h,039h,005h,04Eh,015h,035h DB 0C7h,001h,030h,0FBh,0FBh,01Ah,06Dh,0BEh,003h,08Eh,0E0h,0CAh,09Bh,045h,0D1h,095h DB 0B5h,042h,006h,070h,00Ah,097h,027h,01Fh,051h,0E7h,07Dh,080h,01Fh,040h,019h,090h DB 0F1h,08Fh,02Ah,02Eh,0C8h,01Ch,05Dh,014h,0E2h,0C1h,0C6h,0B1h,071h,0E2h,0B0h,0DFh DB 087h,0F0h,06Ch,0D8h,0DDh,04Bh,0A0h,033h,08Ah,090h,004h,083h,035h,0F2h,0F3h,062h DB 047h,055h,0F2h,043h,0CAh,0D7h,037h,0B4h,0C6h,0D1h,06Eh,070h,06Ah,06Ah,07Ch,0DFh DB 0C4h,0C4h,07Ch,0B4h,025h,0F8h,0E7h,0E8h,0F2h,047h,054h,00Dh,076h,09Eh,0FEh,0B2h DB 05Ah,085h,0F6h,09Dh,021h,00Ah,008h,0EEh,007h,0EDh,031h,071h,0E5h,012h,0C9h,03Fh DB 0CFh,0C0h,03Ch,0E5h,0CAh,0DEh,036h,08Ch,049h,0A0h,04Dh,0E6h,01Bh,014h,085h,0B5h DB 051h,037h,0A5h,0CBh,0DAh,0F6h,0E0h,0A6h,02Ah,087h,0F5h,07Fh,0DEh,0E3h,081h,051h DB 0CEh,05Ch,08Bh,08Ah,035h,0C3h,0B4h,05Fh,013h,0DCh,088h,0A5h,044h,00Ah,0B3h,0BDh DB 0C9h,02Ch,040h,04Ah,0C5h,000h,0A9h,05Fh,0FCh,038h,0A0h,019h,0B4h,0C2h,004h,077h DB 044h,069h,099h,0ACh,0E9h,023h,07Dh,094h,09Ch,03Dh,017h,07Eh,007h,00Eh,0F3h,098h DB 011h,0DDh,091h,0DFh,008h,024h,01Ch,07Ah,09Bh,0C4h,008h,07Eh,057h,0BCh,02Eh,014h DB 047h,094h,087h,0DEh,026h,075h,012h,021h,001h,065h,099h,0C1h,0A9h,081h,047h,095h DB 06Ch,03Fh,066h,058h,0B7h,078h,0FFh,0B5h,03Bh,0CEh,0D9h,05Bh,03Fh,0BBh,08Ah,017h DB 0EDh,098h,00Eh,0AEh,0AEh,09Dh,015h,034h,0A7h,00Bh,02Ah,004h,0EBh,0D6h,0C9h,098h DB 01Bh,045h,096h,0BCh,055h,041h,093h,0DAh,036h,05Bh,094h,020h,07Ch,06Dh,0F3h,042h DB 0C5h,077h,02Ch,032h,0F9h,078h,09Bh,02Fh,0C1h,070h,0A4h,01Ch,051h,0FCh,03Ch,02Eh DB 0D4h,0E7h,04Eh,007h,005h,045h,027h,067h,004h,027h,02Ah,07Ah,03Dh,096h,0B4h,08Ah DB 063h,013h,07Eh,0CDh,026h,0ADh,06Ch,0AEh,047h,01Ch,04Fh,02Ah,0D8h,018h,0CCh,004h DB 013h,09Ch,034h,08Eh,089h,0D3h,0ADh,0B0h,07Fh,05Eh,0FEh,0C0h,0A2h,037h,012h,099h DB 0DEh,032h,043h,0D1h,0D1h,006h,026h,0DDh,00Ah,0C5h,07Dh,06Ch,0FCh,090h,0FDh,010h DB 0AAh,0A1h,064h,015h,042h,09Ch,0EFh,0FEh,054h,05Ch,097h,0F9h,0E9h,0B8h,00Ah,04Dh DB 09Dh,02Eh,0D8h,0A4h,0E9h,0F0h,007h,0AFh,0E9h,0A3h,0CEh,062h,0B8h,01Bh,05Dh,0BEh DB 0C4h,02Ch,0DDh,0EEh,076h,0B2h,0CEh,02Fh,0FFh,045h,0B2h,0F6h,034h,05Ch,088h,0B6h DB 081h,0B5h,021h,0E7h,0A8h,0F8h,067h,0FBh,07Eh,098h,06Eh,013h,053h,057h,08Ah,019h DB 061h,0A6h,02Eh,089h,0DFh,06Eh,0C7h,0EEh,0CDh,030h,018h,06Fh,034h,055h,073h,03Bh DB 01Fh,0E1h,06Dh,092h,0D4h,03Ch,09Dh,0A1h,0D6h,0CFh,0D8h,0ACh,04Fh,066h,022h,0F4h DB 078h,053h,0FAh,04Fh,001h,03Eh,024h,00Bh,01Ch,037h,026h,0EBh,01Bh,049h,00Ah,037h DB 099h,06Dh,008h,0B5h,089h,021h,07Fh,0FCh,04Dh,081h,080h,010h,0D6h,0F1h,06Bh,09Fh DB 09Bh,006h,08Ah,0EEh,090h,07Ah,0FEh,057h,01Ah,09Bh,045h,086h,047h,0B2h,0D5h,08Eh DB 022h,0ADh,0EFh,09Dh,073h,002h,067h,067h,03Dh,0FBh,0F5h,0B0h,069h,070h,03Ah,0B6h DB 0C3h,0F7h,050h,01Ch,021h,091h,069h,043h,049h,07Fh,034h,008h,0DAh,064h,023h,059h DB 0BFh,013h,0FAh,033h,0B6h,07Eh,025h,0CBh,0CDh,0CDh,0EBh,05Ch,056h,0D8h,02Dh,0E6h DB 039h,0E3h,01Ch,0F7h,08Ch,07Ah,077h,067h,0CFh,063h,0EEh,0BDh,0C2h,0B4h,092h,03Bh DB 053h,014h,084h,00Ah,039h,0C8h,07Dh,01Fh,06Bh,069h,0A4h,01Ch,0C4h,01Eh,013h,07Dh DB 003h,0EFh,01Fh,05Eh,059h,079h,0B7h,06Fh,074h,0DFh,0B0h,04Ah,008h,0BEh,0D0h,0B8h DB 068h,01Fh,0EDh,013h,01Dh,02Ch,039h,0EBh,0E5h,0A2h,064h,0BAh,003h,00Dh,099h,09Dh DB 075h,015h,054h,019h,051h,032h,051h,0EFh,0EBh,0DFh,02Ch,068h,068h,0BBh,0F9h,03Dh DB 0F2h,0B3h,03Ch,078h,008h,0B4h,03Ah,0E6h,06Ah,03Bh,0F9h,0E4h,0BFh,09Ch,027h,04Ah DB 07Fh,0EBh,0DEh,0D3h,05Dh,03Ch,092h,07Ch,0D3h,0B1h,094h,0CFh,029h,068h,0D6h,0A8h DB 03Eh,043h,0CEh,0F4h,0B5h,088h,0ADh,0FFh,06Dh,04Dh,090h,06Fh,014h,0F5h,094h,0E0h DB 087h,029h,079h,084h,049h,01Ch,0E7h,06Bh,017h,00Eh,00Bh,034h,05Fh,0A6h,07Ah,0C2h DB 0EAh,025h,078h,0D3h,054h,03Dh,0AAh,0F3h,0A2h,092h,002h,0BEh,057h,091h,0BCh,03Dh DB 0CDh,09Ah,0B1h,00Bh,0BBh,08Fh,0E3h,027h,0ADh,0ECh,0E2h,0C7h,069h,08Ah,077h,074h DB 05Eh,054h,06Eh,090h,080h,0A0h,056h,07Fh,026h,0B7h,0DFh,095h,047h,0DCh,0F8h,0C4h DB 006h,059h,0D7h,0DCh,08Ah,0A2h,079h,046h,03Ah,07Fh,0FDh,011h,081h,010h,07Eh,028h DB 093h,0A6h,0D6h,038h,06Eh,012h,0D1h,091h,017h,00Eh,0E3h,01Eh,084h,0F8h,0BEh,0ABh DB 0DFh,04Eh,03Bh,0ADh,067h,008h,073h,0F7h table2: ;magic numbers for block Y ;remember? we go them by ; :d edi in SoftICE at the REPZ CMPSB line ;Then i just trimmed them in UltraEdit ;with some Search and Replace commands DB 043h,03Fh,0FFh,019h,007h,0BBh,067h,046h,025h,00Ch,0C2h,053h,09Ch,000h,0C5h,059h DB 022h,066h,035h,090h,0F0h,036h,0E4h,0C0h,0C6h,026h,031h,081h,031h,057h,09Ah,0D1h DB 04Ah,00Bh,0DEh,001h,03Dh,0CBh,0F1h,015h,07Eh,03Ah,09Bh,0A6h,0DDh,016h,06Fh,08Fh DB 021h,04Ch,0CBh,098h,0FCh,08Ch,059h,04Bh,0C4h,0D9h,02Eh,0E7h,04Bh,0A9h,08Dh,013h DB 048h,028h,035h,0F4h,06Ah,0CCh,05Ah,0BDh,081h,048h,076h,037h,008h,06Eh,0E5h,091h DB 0E3h,0A0h,006h,033h,06Eh,068h,0DDh,015h,000h,0ECh,0DBh,0DBh,0CFh,06Eh,039h,067h DB 050h,03Fh,027h,067h,088h,0FDh,01Eh,090h,0CEh,07Dh,05Bh,0D8h,00Dh,07Fh,066h,00Bh DB 0F4h,058h,09Eh,0C2h,0F5h,072h,074h,0E7h,05Dh,0BBh,0BDh,019h,0BFh,064h,030h,09Ch DB 035h,074h,045h,032h,0D4h,066h,03Fh,042h,016h,02Dh,0DDh,092h,055h,0A7h,08Bh,07Dh DB 088h,05Bh,016h,0E4h,0D8h,0EEh,05Eh,048h,01Dh,04Ch,0FBh,01Eh,044h,0F1h,0D4h,0E7h DB 0DEh,038h,0BDh,068h,0EAh,0E4h,089h,0D7h,0FFh,0A1h,091h,056h,098h,07Eh,02Eh,002h DB 00Ah,0D3h,0F1h,0DAh,026h,093h,0BFh,08Dh,08Ch,0E5h,011h,0E7h,0F3h,08Ch,09Fh,038h DB 07Ah,0B1h,072h,06Ch,0DDh,0C4h,09Ah,0B1h,0F7h,0F6h,014h,09Eh,010h,00Dh,05Ch,011h DB 0F3h,00Eh,023h,0A8h,0ABh,0C0h,01Ah,001h,0F2h,02Dh,0DFh,078h,01Dh,0A5h,0E3h,0B2h DB 076h,071h,07Fh,089h,0A8h,0BAh,035h,0E7h,0D6h,09Eh,02Bh,04Dh,0B1h,075h,079h,0E3h DB 0D2h,018h,0B4h,02Fh,02Dh,0A6h,035h,0F9h,00Fh,0BEh,00Ah,01Eh,03Eh,0F5h,097h,037h DB 0CFh,058h,06Ch,010h,0B9h,040h,0ABh,099h,08Dh,0CFh,07Bh,060h,0B9h,021h,004h,055h DB 00Ah,035h,039h,0EAh,05Eh,076h,061h,07Ah,0FCh,096h,0FFh,0BAh,0CBh,02Fh,087h,0F6h DB 000h,06Ah,088h,06Ch,041h,087h,0F9h,02Ah,054h,0CCh,033h,02Eh,0BFh,0AFh,00Dh,06Fh DB 066h,0F0h,0DCh,006h,006h,044h,055h,02Dh,095h,0C3h,0EEh,028h,07Fh,005h,011h,025h DB 0D7h,013h,03Dh,031h,0C2h,0A1h,037h,0D4h,026h,087h,095h,042h,0A3h,034h,0C9h,005h DB 06Ah,095h,0F0h,07Ch,041h,075h,061h,031h,059h,067h,0F7h,086h,032h,03Fh,0EEh,0BBh DB 070h,0E8h,085h,012h,05Ah,066h,043h,0BDh,081h,0DDh,094h,018h,05Bh,0B9h,0EDh,0C0h DB 0BAh,0FCh,03Ah,0A3h,066h,018h,025h,08Fh,030h,0D9h,0F3h,0BFh,0FDh,065h,035h,0F4h DB 08Eh,004h,0A6h,032h,0CDh,05Fh,0A0h,0BBh,05Eh,0A6h,04Eh,08Dh,094h,019h,0EFh,06Bh DB 063h,080h,07Fh,03Eh,0AAh,0E6h,0F5h,035h,0F5h,071h,031h,0F2h,01Bh,048h,0B1h,0E3h DB 09Ch,0ADh,0F7h,02Eh,0EFh,006h,0C1h,0C6h,09Eh,06Eh,0D1h,048h,00Fh,072h,0C1h,0C7h DB 04Eh,044h,0B6h,099h,05Ah,069h,0B3h,04Bh,02Bh,08Ch,02Bh,0C2h,0A1h,052h,0B9h,0F1h DB 08Eh,064h,0C5h,0C2h,0BAh,060h,067h,089h,0F2h,00Dh,07Fh,09Fh,0C6h,03Dh,02Bh,0A6h DB 060h,0ECh,05Fh,0F3h,062h,07Bh,0F4h,034h,04Eh,08Eh,0EBh,015h,087h,0E7h,00Fh,061h DB 04Eh,04Dh,0B7h,0A1h,0D5h,018h,090h,0DDh,05Ah,0F2h,0D2h,0A8h,034h,0A1h,060h,08Eh DB 071h,06Ah,0C2h,08Ch,062h,0A0h,0C6h,0FBh,05Ah,070h,000h,07Ch,052h,0E4h,056h,0B1h DB 074h,025h,0E3h,042h,076h,04Ah,04Dh,0E0h,0EFh,096h,091h,097h,081h,00Bh,073h,0CEh DB 041h,093h,028h,072h,060h,080h,07Dh,022h,0F5h,024h,053h,06Ah,021h,0FFh,05Ch,0E9h DB 042h,0BFh,05Fh,0BEh,0D4h,01Ah,024h,0FAh,083h,09Dh,072h,0B5h,08Dh,065h,04Ch,0E4h DB 049h,0C2h,04Bh,067h,0FEh,052h,0CDh,03Bh,0FCh,020h,00Ch,03Eh,00Fh,0B3h,0B4h,05Ah DB 0A2h,0E6h,093h,00Ch,09Dh,0DDh,044h,0FAh,0E8h,067h,010h,088h,009h,0A9h,0A3h,01Dh DB 01Ch,0E4h,0DDh,09Fh,073h,0E9h,0EAh,0DFh,0BBh,028h,00Bh,03Ah,071h,020h,0D3h,095h DB 0EFh,07Bh,042h,029h,0C2h,09Dh,0EFh,041h,040h,04Ah,0EBh,0B2h,053h,062h,0A5h,038h DB 0D1h,0D2h,012h,0F7h,0AAh,0E3h,049h,01Bh,03Dh,08Bh,0A4h,05Fh,0A0h,0E1h,0E9h,077h DB 052h,0E4h,0B9h,005h,089h,057h,097h,098h,0D5h,06Fh,0BDh,003h,048h,05Fh,093h,03Ch DB 044h,0A3h,070h,07Ah,061h,0B1h,0EFh,03Fh,096h,00Ah,096h,0A0h,02Bh,034h,04Dh,049h DB 0A2h,03Eh,0EDh,083h,0DBh,0A4h,092h,011h,099h,0FEh,09Bh,019h,076h,00Ah,0F1h,0CBh DB 022h,04Fh,08Fh,09Ah,037h,079h,0CDh,044h,026h,0A4h,093h,0B4h,042h,08Ah,09Eh,0EAh DB 090h,0E0h,071h,0C0h,06Fh,053h,0B8h,029h,057h,00Ch,0DFh,03Ah,0E2h,086h,057h,091h DB 0C6h,00Fh,06Eh,0D3h,0C8h,0E4h,04Ah,0C2h,0A8h,05Eh,05Dh,050h,0F8h,0B8h,01Dh,0E1h DB 042h,06Ch,025h,085h,0A1h,084h,0FDh,0E6h,03Ch,088h,0DCh,093h,058h,094h,000h,0D5h DB 037h,054h,099h,032h,09Ah,0D3h,077h,0B3h,09Fh,0C0h,0AAh,09Ch,0C9h,092h,012h,063h DB 02Ch,06Bh,0E6h,0D6h,0E2h,020h,0B3h,028h,012h,0B1h,0DDh,004h,004h,030h,0EBh,0CCh DB 074h,0F2h,0E5h,0C4h,085h,017h,02Bh,0EBh,0B0h,0C6h,0F2h,016h,083h,059h,0B0h,0A9h DB 095h,0DAh,0CAh,0BCh,0B3h,059h,01Dh,0E9h,0E4h,0FAh,000h,0DEh,030h,074h,0C9h,0CBh DB 085h,0ADh,0A5h,026h,080h,08Fh,0FBh,0D0h,05Ah,0AFh,05Dh,02Ah,0FCh,0FBh,0CDh,0F0h DB 022h,0BDh,05Dh,0D6h,005h,0A6h,0B3h,094h,052h,062h,0EAh,0B2h,007h,0BEh,057h,0D5h DB 0D1h,09Ch,0A9h,04Ah,07Fh,00Dh,080h,0C3h,0ECh,02Eh,0F7h,0A4h,06Ah,08Ah,0DCh,019h DB 0F7h,091h,0E6h,04Ah,0A1h,043h,028h,08Bh,028h,096h,06Dh,0ABh,0A6h,061h,095h,059h DB 08Ah,00Dh,04Bh,069h,001h,058h,007h,08Ch,05Eh,0F7h,0A2h,074h,023h,0ABh,027h,008h DB 0F7h,098h,072h,0D6h,0A8h,05Bh,02Eh,019h,0FDh,044h,00Fh,0CCh,071h,0C4h,02Fh,073h DB 008h,0E9h,0F6h,04Ah,053h,0DBh,033h,086h,083h,052h,0C5h,026h,036h,082h,041h,04Fh DB 092h,054h,05Fh,035h,023h,04Eh,097h,098h ;I was too lazy to do memory allocation so i used direct buffers ;sorry assembly gurus file_data: DB 0aH DUP() ;first 0xA bytes (set to zeros) name1: DB 65H DUP(' ') ;start of Block X and user name company1: DB 0343H DUP(' ') ;start of organisation name in block X DB 0aH DUP() ;second 0xA bytes (set to zeros) name2: DB 65H DUP(' ') ;start of Block Y and user name company2: DB 0343H DUP(' ') ;start of organisation name in block Y DB 027H DUP('Kox ') ;Your Granma's recipe (4 bytes * 0x27 =0x9c bytes) END START (c) Kox 1997. All rights reversed
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