How to create a webpage with controversial contents
(a tutorial by LordCaligo)

by LordCaligo
(18 October 1997, slightly edited by fravia+, 8 November 1997)

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Well, this good essay by LordCaligo opens a NEW section of my site: a small 'Anonymity Academy', where I hope to collect MANY essays on all relevant Web-anonymity (and Web-stalking) techniques. We'll see. In the mean time enjoy this very interesting essay by LordCaligo, you may want to visit his very good page at .

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                 create a webpage with controversial contents
                      a 'tutorial' by lord caligo
                          10/18/97 (mm/dd/yy)

           VII.  LAST WORDS



Every day new hpacv-pages are created, but most of them disappear/
are deleted some days or weeks later. The worst thing you can do is
to upload all the necassary files and the page 'as-is' to a Free   
Webpage Provider like Geocities or Tripod (that are the two most   
frequently used sites providing 2megs).
But how to create a 'secure page' ? That's what I want to tell you.
I cannot promise you a "successfully and calm life" with an illegal   
page on the Net. But just read on ...



The first thing is the URL... If your page has to move too often,
you'd have to tell the new address to every visitor your page ever
had... nearly impossible.   
A solution could be an url-relocator. There are many of these free
services on the Net, eg. (a german one) (not free)
and many more ...

You get a kind of 'virtual url' that relocates to the   
real place where your homepage lies.   

ATTENTION: These services are not *totally* secure, all of them   
           could delete your account.

Another possibility is a small homepage forwarding to the real URL,


Click here to go to my main page:   


You can change the URL in it to your main account and upload this   
small HTML-document to a permanent URL (for example at a Free Webpage   
Provider, more information at section V).   
It will automatically forward the users to the main page.
ATTENTION: Not every browser supports the Refresh-command. The best
way to make your 'relocator' compatible is to include your main URL
as a link.
* Do not forget to change the address in it before uploading it! ;-) *



Let's say you got a free page and email-account on Geocities. If
they delete your acc, nobody could ever reach you (over your Geo-eMail).
To avoid this, you can use remailers. They forward your mail to
your real account. If your real address changes, you can change the
remailer-settings. More about this remailers under the following
... many more ...

Another advantage of this remailers:
Nobody can see what your internet provider is. They cannot trace
you back simply by looking at the email-address (, ...).

If you want to be real ANONYMOUS on the Net, use this:

For eMail:       (and more...)
For Web:   use   (disadvantage: very slow)

But this tutorial does not want to be a "HOWTO be anonymous on the
Net". Get more information through other sources.



Before trying to find a good provider (see part V) you have to prepare
your pages:

It is always good to have some fake-pages on (*never* use index.htm /
index.html as your main page!!).   
The more fake-pages you have on, the more secure your 'real' main   
page is. Here are some tips about creating fake-pages:

CONTENTS:  linklist, personal greetings, something about 'you',
           your hobbies, big pictures or something similar;
           perhaps a counter, guestbook.

ATTENTION: never use YOUR OWN preferences (pictures or names),   
           just try to imagine a good name and look for good
           pictures on the Net for a person looking like a
           gay ;-]]

If you are using some relocator, you can create some not easy-to-find
address like labaala.htm for your main page. Pay attention that there
is *no* link on one of the fake-pages (normally you only need one) to
this page, just let the relocator forward there.



The best webspace would be an account on a 'secure' provider, eg. if
you know the admin and/or asked for the permission to put up the
"illegal" files. If you have this, you don't have to read this

Another good way is to choose MORE THAN ONE provider:

One account for the main pages (little account on a frequently used   
provider, not Geocities or Tripod, you don't need 2meg; it don't even
has to have FTP-upload, Web-Upload is enough) and another account
for the filebase [only if you really need to have some illegal files
up]. This 'file-account' has to be bigger than the first account,
FTP-upload preferred.
If you apply for an account where you have to enter some reasons or
the content of your pages, just enter something like that:

For the first accounts [pages] enter: "Just a little private
For the file account enter something like: "My small private
homepage with some of my own programs".

Don't forget to put your fake-pages on *BOTH* accounts up !!!

But why to use 2 accounts and not one? That's simple:
On many servers LINKS are NOT ILLEGAL, if the files do not
lay on there server.
And if one of the accounts got deleted, you don't have to
create/upload BOTH pages and files.

To be sure that your files won't be deleted soon, create more
accounts on different servers, create a directory like "warez"
or "illegal" and upload some commercial software/cracks or
hacks. Come back some days/weeks or even months later and look
which accounts had been deleted and which are still up.
Use this remaining server(s) for your filebase.

Another hint: Do never use Geocities or Tripod; they have extensive
checks on illegal pages. And 2meg are not much, you can easily find
accounts with 5meg and even more.

If you have your pages up, you can try to get an even MORE secure
place for your pages and files:
Ask on the IRC if someone want's to sponsor your hacking/cracking/
warez or whatever-page on the chan of your interests. Do not demand   
for big webspace at first.
If you got some offers, ask some questions in a private chat:

 - is there the possibility to upload by ftp?
 - how about the legal risks?

When you successfully got your account, ask the admin if he can
provide a simple pop3/smtp (email)-account. Now you are independent...



There are more than 150 webspace providers, so I cannot provide
a comprehensive list here.
Take a look at the following pages:  [very good page with mailinglist]    [german site]

A search on "FREE WEBPAGES" or "FREE SPACE" (on the Web *AND*
Usenet) could be very successful, too.



I hope you are now abled to create a permanent site with illegal   
contents after reading my little tutorial.
You can contact me by emailing or visiting my
webpage at (both are remailers   
described under section II and III !! :-)). But DO NOT ask me to find   
space for you ! I won't reply to any requests.
(c) LordCaligo. All rights reversed
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