Novell Netware 3.12 -- [Session - 2]
Studying the Licensed User Limits

by The Undertaker
(13 September 1997, slightly edited by fravia+)

Courtesy of Fravia's page of reverse engineering

Well, the Undertaker is tackling all alone a very interesting field... you may have already read his Session 1.
anybody would like/be able/find useful to give him a hand? This could be transformed in a full fledged +HCU's project if some other contributions do arrive...

                    Novell Netware 3.12 -- [Session - 2]
                     Studying the Licensed User Limits
                         The Undertaker -=BANDA=-

As we all know, Novell Netware comes with different number of "user licenses"
like 25 User, 50 User, 100 User an so on. In this session we  will discuss
how to change those licensed users value. I hope my essays about netware
reverse engineering will be usful for netware users. 
These essays only avialable via FRAVIA'S PAGE OF REVERSE ENGINEERING. 
Ok Without BlaLBAlBLa, let's JMP to the reverse engineering Session.

----( reverse engineering SeSSion )----

I hope that everybody is familiar with the netware debugger. If not read my
session 1, it offers some hints and clues in order to learn how to use 
effectively the Netware Debbuger. I'll use as target my own version. 
I have 25 User on my Novell Netware version. 
So let's make it 50 User !!!

This study is based on the 25 User version of Netware. 
Get into the netware debugger by pressing :

<Left Shift> <Right Shift> <Alt> <Esc>

u GetMaximumNumberOfConnections         --> Case Sensitive.

XXXXXXXX B87D000000     MOV     EAX,0000007D
XXXXXXXX C3             RET

This Function passes the maximum number of connections available for the
users & Netware. Including NLI's (Not Logged In), Backup Users & etc..
Now convert 7D into decimal... is 125. Ok lets add 25 into 125 = 150(96h).
Let make changes now!..

c GetMaximumNumberOfConnections = B8 96 0 0 0 C3

We have finished part one. But we have to crack as well the number of 
remote work stations. Let do it now!!.

u GetMaxNumberOfRemoteConnections       --> This function returns the number
                                            of licensed users.

XXXXXXXX B819000000     MOV     EAX,00000019
XXXXXXXX C3             RET

Convert 19 into decimal = 25, AHAAA ! we got it. So This version only supports
25 remote work stations. HuH !! Let's Make the crack Right Now.. We can complete
the study by changing the functions to return 32h(50 User).

c GetMaxNumberOfRemoteConnections = B8 32 0 0 0 C3

Now you can test the function by loading NLICLEAR NLM.


Once you loaded this NLM it shows "Monitoring 50 remote connections" message
on your screen. BRAVO!!!!

      All these modifications are resetted to the default once you 
get down the server & up it again. To overcome this problem we have 

           (((((((   Reverse Engineering Lives Forever    )))))))

  (C) 1997 The Undertaker -=BANDA=- All Rights Reserved.  // SRI LANKA //

(c) The Undertaker, 1997. All rights reversed.
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