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20 January 1999
by aZh nAZg
Courtesy of Fravia's page of reverse engineering
take a look at this; see if it's too esoteric for yer audience; change the title and subtitle if desired.

Quite esoteric for my audience, I would say... I'll publish this nevertheless, maybe there's more than eyes can see and my limited zen can feel (even if not much IMO... time will judge :-)

The reason I decided to publish is that among the following 'esoterical' approach there dwells a quite good definition (IMO) of what a real stalker attitude should be.
So I published it, aZh nAZg the Troll :-)
...now let's hope we'll 'endlich' see (and possibly zen-touch :-) some real stalking deeds asap, that's the bare minimum you should accomplish after having written this (nice but 'nichtssagend') 'prelude'...
clarity generates inner stillness, and inner stillness generates right action
Of course, but if I may agree (I may) that right action should not be heard nor noticed, in the stillness of the forest, I cannot agree with the fact that it will not be remembered. Because history, not stalking, is the real dark mirror of the future that should be conquered, else humans will always remain just toys of some crooks or of fate (and fate is a lousy evil crook that should be reversed in its own, I believe :-)
And those 'right actions' wont be remembered, dear stalkers, unless you do take care to document them -at least in part- allowing many other (potential) truth seekers to see and understand such "tectonical" mighty shifts... therefore the very purpose of these 'right actions' of ours cannot be fullfilled if they have to die with our selfish brains... else the aforementioned action was not "right" after all... it was just "action", whatever some black wizards I know (and even like) may believe... Behold! The garbage-cans of history are full of useless 'right actions'...
There is a crack, a crack in everything That's how the light gets in
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zen mind: what it is and how to achieve it
Zen Stalking
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Written by aZh nAZg


zen mind: what is it, how do you achieve it and what does it buy you
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'the lights begin to twinkle from the rocks. the cold moon shines. the surf booms forth with many voices. come now my friends, one final song before we go. for my purpose holds: to sail into the sunset, and the baths of all the western stars, until i die' -- tennyson

i realize, of course, that what i am saying to you here will immediately be forgotten. there is no hope, no possiblity, for the most of you of remembering what i have to say, for you are not yet united with me in in zen mind, and the shock i will give you will last only as long as you are reading these words. but if you be a true seeker, you will return to these words again and again, reiterating the lesson, until such a day as you will be able conciously to remember, in every waking and dreaming hour. there be of course a scant few to whom my message will ring clear as a bell; to those i say, hail fellow and well met, the more power to you, friend, and blessed be.

were i to speak you Truth, you would not believe me; you paint pretty pictures inside your eyeballs of a world imagined, seen as though in a dream, and yet deemed real; you listen to the story tellers and are enraptured by their glamour: they speak of deeds and of treasures beyond compare, out of reach of mere mortals; they incite you to impossible feats and so enslave you to those reputed to have performed such. i say unto you, heed not the storytellers; any deeds worth mentioning have never been uttered unto the light of day; the only treasure worth seeking is freedom, and it can be had for the taking, without suffering or strife.

here now our dialog:

outside of time, outside of thought, there is a place, a place of stillness, of becoming. to sit there and observe, oh how delightful. it is there that all you consider real manifests from. i tell you, i sit there, and watch, and wait. what do i wait for? i will tell you: at the end of time, there lurks an Eater, that eats awareness. it strips from you your memories, your deeds, and your ambitions. when a person arrives at the end of time, they light up all their being in a flash, they do a dance for the Eater, in the hopes it will be pleased, for there is a rumor, that should the Eater be pleased it will let you keep your awareness, and depart unscathed. they dance and dance, and put their all into it, and if the Eater is not pleased, you shall be devoured.

mere mortals never escape. only those that be stalkers, hunters or seekers may possibly have a chance of pleasing the Eater. mere mortals have nothing that would interest it; their humdrum lives are all the same, analogous to one another, of no particular import. the hunter on the other hand, poses a problem for the Eater, for they exist almost outside of Time already, in their own dimensions, and could possibly slip by unnoticed. 'hiding in shadows', the art of the ninja, so, hiding within folds of reality, becoming part of the scenery, a true stalkers achievement.

the mood of the stalker:

know what i know now: a master's actions are final; there is no turning back, no redoing or undoing what is done, no regrets, no fears of reprisals; being aware of the existence of the Eater, and comparing mortal trials and tribulations to that; i take responsibility for my actions; there is no fear; there are no doubts; i do as i must, as is my predilection. any action not worth doing, i do not, any step not on my path, i do not take; all that i do, i do as though they were my last act on this earth. such is the mood of the stalker, the mood of azh nazg.

we discourse with metaphor, for what i am telling you, comes before language or words. you must learn to feel what i am telling you; if you do that we will be on the same page, and have no need for words. the words muddy the definition, as all persons have different meanings for words, based on their experience. i show you a dog, and think helper, but you see a dog and think hunger.

in Truth, meaning is clarity, and language does not exist. in subset Truth, language can convey meaning. we are talking about stalking prey and stalking oneself. that is subset Truth; therefore we can talk about it. but remain aware and remember the greater truth that is superset to what we are discussing. remember well and i will meet you there again.

the difference between stalker and prey, is stalker does not think like prey. prey thinks fear and evading and self interest. stalker thinks stillness and listening and adapting. to be stalker and be stalked and not become prey is ultimate challenge. in the world there be many stalkers who would turn you into prey, but learn to not succumb to them. one trick of stalkers is to get prey to fall into trap of predictable routines. what do i mean by that? well, if you can predict the routine of your prey you can set up an ambush that they will walk right into. part of stalking is to learn the patterns in your prey's behaviour, while doing the same to yourself, such that you wind up not having patterns in your behaviour.

know, and know it well, there is the Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable. if cosmos is a table, and the known is a salt shaker, it is on the table. the Unknown a pepper shaker and it is on the table as well, but the Unknowable, is what is not on the table. to truly seek, stalk or hunt, you must seek the Unknowable, as that is what will lead to clarity. the Eater is a part of the Unknowable. we hunters know and are aware that the Eater is unknowable, but we carry on despite that and have no remorse or hesitation. that imho is the true essence of humanity: to know ones place and laugh in the face of the Unknowable.

when you go stalking power, you need to make yourself available to it, so it can find you. but be careful, the difference between an ordinary man and a hunter, is the ordinary man is always available, to everyone around them, and they get caught up in ties to everyone else. if you're a hunter, you make yourself available only to those things that you are stalking. you do this by creating a little fog around you, that confuses the average man looking at it, such that they cannot tell if you are coming or going.

a stalkers life is regulated and orderly. the average man is constantly swinging here and there, touching on this and that, in no apparent order. that is a total waste of energy. you need to learn to stay focussed on your goals. you do this by stalking yourself: observing in detail the habits you have formed, and one by one eliminating them until you have no more habits. the difference between the hunter and the prey is that the prey has habits and the hunter has none.

if you are alone in the deep dark (code)woods, and you stay perfectly still, at center and in equipoise, you will begin to hear and feel the world. and prey and other hunters will impinge upon you by breaking the stillness, for with their movement through the underbrush, the natural randomness is broken. prey move loudly and constantly, hunters will move almost randomly, but both will make noise.

you need to split yourself, to model yourself, the world and your prey. see how the 3 interact in the inner spaces, and learn to observe the same in the out there. the question is not to become a master at the art of stalking, the question is to become master, and the stalking will follow. to find a right path, that is the goal, and let no one tell you what is right and what is wrong.

the nature of power is that it is given, by the world. a man has merely to tap it, and it will flow through them. power comes and goes of its own accord, accounting to no one. what you must learn is to deal with its absence, by accumulating personal power, by storing it up, and carrying it around with you.

realize that everything is in flux: panta rei. he who is today a hunter, was not always one such. the world has a memory. if you listen hard enough, you can tap that memory, and the hunter-to-be who will someday be a hunter will be revealed to you. connect with that primordial hunter, and track them through their changes, and you may be astonished by who they have become.

stalking flows in many dimensions. each dimension is a degree-of-freedom, that the model may revolve around. turn the whole schmagazz around and around in your visualization, revolving around all degrees of freedom, until your intuition clicks and says: that's it.

practice leads to knowledge, knowledge to clarity, and clarity to power. a hunter achieved a state of continual clarity, and will not do anything to mess that up. you can use this to advantage, by tempting the hunter, and seeing what they will not do. clarity generates inner stillness, and inner stillness generates right action.

at the end, when all is said and done, there is One Ring, azh nazg, that 'in the darkness', binds them: the darkness is the absence of light, of illumination, of clarity; the one ring is the enlightened self; the binding is that which connects self to clarity.

the Tools:

* before you do it, empty your mind of all extraneous thoughts. let the void impinge upon you and impart its knowledge. then cast all regards to the wind and purely act
* before you do it, compare the magnitude of the expected result to your awareness of the Eater -- ask yourself: is it worth doing
* before you do it, enter stalking mood, and ask yourself, am i hunter or prey doing this
* before you do it, become one with the problem at hand; psych yourself into seeing it from other points of view; often the solution will suggest itself, with no further effort on your part
* before you do it, make long lists of all things that could possibly go wrong; play devils advocate to yourself. add to the lists all possible connections to other game pieces on the board. then, throw away your lists and just act

goeth now forth, and do deeds, yet remember:
'ash nazg durbatuluk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatuluk ag burzum-ishi krimpatul' -- j. r. r. tolkien
[one ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them]
azhnazg(at)yahoo(dot)com '99

Final Notes
More as demand requires.

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