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5 Years Later, Why I Don't Blog Much


It’s been almost 5 years since the last update, and now I’ve decided it’s finally time. Time to update my website with a new look, time to participate in the Public Think and make my contribution again.

For the record, I’ve resisted blogging anything forever, mainly because:

  • Who has time? (Not me. I spend my time applying myself to the things I love.)
  • Who can risk the exposure? (Not me. I’m a Professional with a Career.)
  • Who cares? (Usually, not me.)

I’m perpetually floored by how many people qualify against these criteria. Really? Don’t you have a day job? Aren’t you any good at it? (Practice takes time, and you’re obviously not practicing.) Do you love to do anything else in your life besides narcissistically plaster your verbal diarrhea bullshit all over the Web? (You should probably go do that instead.) Did you somehow miss the time-honored wisdom of not making a total ass of yourself in public, especially when the Internet will never forget it? Don’t you have anything to lose? I mean, seriously!

Sure, LinkedIn is great - it’s about jobs, careers, credibility. Facebook - ok fine, it’s an interesting concept to have 10 times more relationships each a 1/100th the value of a normal friendship. But garbage like Twitter? They’re ruining the Internet with noise - 140 chars isn’t enough space to express anything truly meaningful. In the CS domain, statistically, 140 chars looks almost like the definition of uselessness. Yeah sure people use it usefully, but the signal to noise ratio is intergalactically, unforgiveably huge.

But, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t keep trying. So, down the rabbit hole we go. Again.