Oh silly syn-attackers... Fravia fluctuat, nec mergitur
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September 1999

Software reverse engineering and web survival arguments

Software protection techniques and tools
Anonymity on the Web: stalking, enemy tracking and other techniques
Reality cracking and anti-advertisement techniques and tools
How to search the web: combing, klebing and other strategies
cookies removal; bots and web-spiders trapping; anti-Micro$oft and anti-Netscape scripts and tricks; tools for software reverse engineering; cgi-cracking; user self-defense; corporate survival counter measures; home-pages capering and password cracking techniques; commercial smut sites busting; Java applets reversing; vxd monitoring; steganographical and cryptological reversing matters; Javascript based site protection and deprotection techniques; email patterns reversing

On the Web since 1995!

If you have landed here for the first time, or if you are interested in the history of this site,
read reda word to the confused ones before proceeding


, fravia's residence, European Union

my reader, this labyrinth of pages (you'll never be able to count them all :-) contains many teachings, and will help you gain knowledge that you will not find elsewhere. Please wander slowly inside: sip a good redcocktail, take your time and explore at a leisurely pace. You'll find lessons on how to reverse engineer windows, dos, linux and palmtop programs, both in order to protect or to deprotect them (fairly easy, once you learn it); on how to search the Web using advanced techniques like 'combing' and 'klebing' (not so easy); on how to gain real information (pretty difficult), on how to track pseudoanonymous people on the web (fairly difficult), on how to protect your anonymity browsing the Web (quite difficult), on how to reverse the reality around you (very difficult), on how to destroy web sites you do not like (easy... given some conditions), on how to use (and detect) steganographical encryptions, on how to reverse or implement javascript based site protections, on how to annoy spammers, reverse web-agents, trap bots, write your own spiders and much more. I hope you'll enjoy this visit. Your critics and suggestions are welcome.

__My New Fortress is defended__
Thanking my holy protectors
Oh silly syn-attackers... Fravia fluctuat, nec mergitur
webcafe and Kevin, the best site-provider and site protector on this planet
I thank Wizard Kevin for his mighty protection of my new fortress

__Disclaimer of liability__

I do disclaim thee, Oh Liability!
All information on my site is published for educational purposes only. You may reverse engineer, debug or crack only applications or programs you have legitimately bought, and only for your personal use. You may bomb or nuke only sites and pages that are really lame and/or pathetically commercial-oriented :-)

Read my short essay: Is reverse engineering redlegal?

Special disclaimer
About the part of my site dealing with reversing protection schemes

Please note that I have always been a very sensible person: if any programmer with a legitimate interest really thinks that an essay published on my site should be removed and put on a non-public part of the fortress, I usually will comply.
Yet this will hurt the protectors, not the warez-crackers out there: "secrecy" in an Internet polluted with warez and serial numbers (that I despise) does NOT make any sense: I believe -on the contrary- maximum transparency to be a very important WEAPON for all software developers and for all protectors and reversers alike. My site is a forum where anyone can learn HOW software "ticks", WHY commercial protections do not work and why there are much better things to do with our knowledge than releasing tons of crackz and warez to the lamers of the world. In fact I believe that you will learn here -if anything- how to protect better your programs.

__Good browsers and bad browsers__

Which browser are you using, my good reader?

I advice those of you still using Netscape (or, even worse, M$IE) to download and use from now on redOpera, an extremely highly configurable, powerful, easy to reverse and lean (less than a million bytes!) browser that will let you forget once for all both overbloated browsersaurii and their terrible bugs. Of course you are allowed to use redNetscape on my site (if you do, take care: the best version is -by far- good old and solide version 3, not the overbloated and buggy versions 4, 4,5 & 5).
Now, please, try to understand: you may NOT use Micro$oft's puke on my site! (Watch it! Some pages just " play" hostility, some are seriously M$IE hostile, so: don't complain you have not been warned! :-)

__Entrances to fravia's fortress__

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"if your browser is poor click on the red..."

N.B.: The essays' database is at the moment NOT being updated
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__Fravia's counters and anti-spam links__

I don't use public counters nor public trackers any more, since I can easily track all my visitors wherever they go (see here a detailed explanation). I'll just keep my own counter above (started in July 1999 and not working on the mirrors) and the Websitestory counter below, both count only the daily visitors with "load images" settings who wait patiently at the main entrance of the fortress until the Websitestory server has planted its cookie (i.e. mostly new visitors). Since I'll never commercialize my site, this is cool, if a little snob: lotta real visitors (more than 80000 "hits" daily actually, according to my fortress server's loggings), yet low profile!

__On the way out__

Goodbye, please damage Microsoft

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This site guaranteed 100% frames and advertisement free, made with full-recyclable electrons, respects all directives of the European Union regarding environment, please don't litter.
Anyone wishing to use the contents of my site for profit purposes should contact the Editor.

software reverse engineering
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Ignore this link. It connects to a bunch of phony E-mail addresses to frustrate address-gathering spiders from the stupid spammers... add such a page to your main page too, and make things more difficult for the silly commercial oriented idiots. I have also prepared a small redpage of advices against commercial spammers.