Game hack secrets
how to stop lamers from hex-editing your cracks
by Jon
5 January 1997

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GameHack 1.0 -- Cracked by Jon, January 4, 1998!

Hi, and a happy (and crack-filled) new-year everybody!

In this essay I'll describe how I cracked GameHack 1.0. GameHack is an
utility that runs
in the background of a game, and it's activated by a hot-key. GameHack
is sort of a 
"debugger for games" in other words: A trainer. It allows you to enter a
value (like number
of lives, energy, etc.), go back to the game, then go back to the
trainer and enter the new
value, which will make the list of possible addresses smaller. This
process is VERY simple, 
and allows you to gain total control over your games, another way to put
this: Cheat! 
As always, the greedy shareware programmer has crippled this program in
the following ways: 

1. You're not able to save the cheats to a file, for later usage. 
2. You're not able to enter addresses and values (the cheats) manually. 
3. And finally it has a NAG text.

Well, let's go!

What you'll need:

GameHack itself -- Fetch it from in order to
follow this essay!
W32Dasm 8.9     -- My favorite tool (because it's so much more faster
than IDA).
A Hex-editor    -- To apply the patch on the EXE.
BRW             -- To check out the dialogs inside the EXE.
Tasm/Tlink      -- To compile the patch included later in this essay.

The Crack.

Start by making a copy of the executable, gamehack.exe --> backup.exe.
Now load backup.exe inside W32Dasm. While W32Dasm disassembles, open the
help file
in Netscape (to search for hints). At the first picture, you should see
that the NAG
text title-bar has been replaced by a name -- the pictures are from a
regged version!
This could mean that you're able to register it with a name/serial, but
you can't.
Anyway, open gamehack.exe inside BRW. Besides noticing that all the
dialogs have a
Spanish version, we discover a Register dialog at number 151! But
there's no way to
start it from the program. Maybe the programmer did as Nico Mak did with
the early 
versions of WinZip -- made the dialog a secret, with a special hot-key
to activate it.
I sure don't know (and I don't really care, because we don't need that
dialog :-))
Anyway, W32Dasm should be done by now... Go to string reference,
" - UNREGISTERED copy" *TWICE* (the first is not interesting). You
should see this:

* Referenced by a (U)nconditional or (C)onditional Jump at Addresses:
|:00405FB5(C), :00405FBC(C)                                             
;Where it's referenced from.
:00406021 8DBE88000000            lea edi, dword ptr [esi+00000088]

* Possible Reference to Dialog: DialogID_0088 

* Possible Reference to String Resource ID=00136: " - UNREGISTERED copy"
;The NAG text we wish to avoid.
:00406027 6888000000              push 00000088
:0040602C 8BCF                    mov ecx, edi

Let's take a look from where it was referenced from:

* Reference To: MSVCRT._stricmp, Ord:01BEh
:00405F93 FF1554D94000            Call dword ptr [0040D954]
:00405F99 8944241C                mov dword ptr [esp+1C], eax
:00405F9D 83C408                  add esp, 00000008
:00405FA0 DB442414                fild dword ptr [esp+14]
:00405FA4 D825109B4000            fsub dword ptr [00409B10]
:00405FAA D81D149B4000            fcomp dword ptr [00409B14]
:00405FB0 DFE0                    fstsw ax
:00405FB2 F6C440                  test ah, 40                           
;First check.
:00405FB5 746A                    je 00406021                           
;If equal jmp to bad_guy.
:00405FB7 8B17                    mov edx, dword ptr [edi]
:00405FB9 395AF8                  cmp dword ptr [edx-08], ebx           
;Second check.
:00405FBC 7463                    je 00406021                           
;If equal jmp to bad_guy.
:00405FBE 57                      push edi
:00405FBF 8D442418                lea eax, dword ptr [esp+18]

* Possible StringData Ref from Data Obj ->" - "                         
;This is what we want the title-bar to say.
:00405FC3 687CC24000              push 0040C27C
:00405FC8 50                      push eax

Now, we patch the target:
at 53B5h change: 746A --> 4048 (inc eax, dec eax -- like nops)
at 53BCh change: 7463 --> 4048 (inc eax, dec eax -- like nops)

This will force the target to always display " - " instead of " -
I myself though that more patching would be necessary, but it isn't.
This is because
the code below :00405FC8 unlocks the crippled functions. (and we have
just made sure that 
it always does that).

Here's the source code for the patcher:

.Model   Small
Org      100h

Crack Proc
  Mov    Dx,OffSet Intro
  Call   Print
  Mov    Dx,OffSet FileName
  Call   OpenFile
  Call   FindError
  Mov    Cx,0
  Mov    Dx,53B5h
  Call   FileSeek
  Call   FindError
  Mov    Si,OffSet Chg1.1
  Call   CheckByte
  Mov    Cx,0
  Mov    Dx,53B5h
  Call   FileSeek
  Call   FindError
  Mov    Cx,1
  Mov    Dx,OffSet Chg1.0
  Call   FileWrite
  Call   FindError
  Mov    Cx,0
  Mov    Dx,53B6h
  Call   FileSeek
  Call   FindError
  Mov    Si,OffSet Chg2.1
  Call   CheckByte
  Mov    Cx,0
  Mov    Dx,53B6h
  Call   FileSeek
  Call   FindError
  Mov    Cx,1
  Mov    Dx,OffSet Chg2.0
  Call   FileWrite
  Call   FindError
  Mov    Cx,0
  Mov    Dx,53BCh
  Call   FileSeek
  Call   FindError
  Mov    Si,OffSet Chg3.1
  Call   CheckByte
  Mov    Cx,0
  Mov    Dx,53BCh
  Call   FileSeek
  Call   FindError
  Mov    Cx,1
  Mov    Dx,OffSet Chg3.0
  Call   FileWrite
  Call   FindError
  Mov    Cx,0
  Mov    Dx,53BDh
  Call   FileSeek
  Call   FindError
  Mov    Si,OffSet Chg4.1
  Call   CheckByte
  Mov    Cx,0
  Mov    Dx,53BDh
  Call   FileSeek
  Call   FindError
  Mov    Cx,1
  Mov    Dx,OffSet Chg4.0
  Call   FileWrite
  Call   FindError
  Call   CloseFile
  Call   FindError
  Mov    Dx,OffSet CrackOK
  Call   Print
  Call   Quit

  CrackOK  Db 'The crack was Successfull!',13,10,'$'
  FHand  Dw 0
  FileName  Db 'GAMEHACK.EXE',0
  Chg1   Db 40h,74h
  Chg2   Db 48h,6Ah
  Chg3   Db 40h,74h
  Chg4   Db 48h,63h
  Buffer Db 1 Dup(1)
  Intro  Db 13,10,'GameHack 1.0 -- Cracked by Jon, January 4, 1998!'
         Db 13,10,'Patching: GAMEHACK.EXE',13,10,13,10,'$'
         Db 'Happy Cheating! Enjoy :-)$'
Crack EndP

Quit Proc
  Mov    Ax,4C00h
  Int    21h
Quit EndP

Print Proc
  Mov    Ah,9
  Int    21h
Print EndP

OpenFile Proc
  Mov    Ax,3D02h
  Int    21h
  Jnc    Open
  Xor    Ax,Ax
  XChg   Ax,Bx
  Mov    FHand,Bx
OpenFile EndP

FileSeek Proc
  Mov    Ax,4200h
  Int    21h
  Jnc    Seek
  Mov    Ax,4
FileSeek EndP

FileRead Proc
  Mov    Ah,3Fh
  Int    21h
  Jnc    Read
  Mov    Ax,2
FileRead EndP

FileWrite Proc
  Mov    Ah,40h
  Int    21h
  Jnc    Write
  Mov    Ax,3
FileWrite EndP

CloseFile Proc
  Mov    Bx,FHand
  Mov    Ah,3Eh
  Int    21h
  Jnc    Close
  Mov    Ax,1
CloseFile EndP

FindError Proc
  Jnc    Exit
  Cmp    Al,0
  Jne    Er1
  Mov    Dx,OffSet FnFErr
  Call   Print
  Jmp    Quit2
  Cmp    Al,1
  Jne    Er2
  Mov    Dx,OffSet FcErr
  Call   Print
  Jmp    Quit2
  Cmp    Al,2
  Jne    Er3
  Call   CloseFile
  Mov    Dx,OffSet FrErr
  Call   Print
  Jmp    Quit2
  Cmp    Al,3
  Jne    Er4
  Call   CloseFile
  Mov    Dx,OffSet FwErr
  Call   Print
  Jmp    Quit2
  Cmp    Al,4
  Jne    Er5
  Call   CloseFile
  Mov    Dx,OffSet FsErr
  Call   Print
  Jmp    Quit2
  Cmp    Al,5
  Jne    Quit2
  Call   CloseFile
  Mov    Dx,OffSet SneErr
  Call   Print
  Jmp    Quit2
  Int    20h

  SneErr Db 'Wrong version (or file already patched)!',13,10,'$'
  FnFErr Db 'File not found!',13,10,'$'
  FcErr  Db 'File close error!',13,10,'$'
  FrErr  Db 'File read error!',13,10,'$'
  FwErr  Db 'File write error!',13,10,'$'
  FsErr  Db 'File seek error!',13,10,'$'
FindError EndP

CompareString Proc
  Push   Bx
  Xor    Bx,Bx
  Cmp    Es:[Di],Al
  Jnz    CmpEr
  Inc    Di
  Inc    Bx
  Cmp    Cx,Bx
  Jz     CmpOk
  Jmp    Cmp1
  Jmp    CmpEx
  Mov    Ax,5
  Pop    Bx
CompareString EndP

CheckByte Proc
  Mov    Cx,1
  Mov    Dx,OffSet Buffer
  Call   FileRead
  Call   FindError
  Mov    Di,OffSet Buffer
  Mov    Cx,1
  Call   CompareString
  Call   FindError
CheckByte EndP

End Start

This should be compiled with:
tasm crack.asm
tlink /t crack.asm

BTW, if you don't want lamers to hex-edit your cracks (I hate that!),
take the following steps:
1. Encrypt your about 5-10 times with a com-cryptor.
2. Convert the encrypted com-file to a exe with a convert utility.
3. Use an exe-protector to protect crack.exe

This should make it difficult for the stupid hex'ers!

Enjoy this app! Happy cheating! :-)

Greetings to:
+ORC, The +HCU, all +crackers, and everybody reading this!