jump list

(data structure)

Definition: A variant of doubly linked list with items in sorted order and having two levels of additional links that span geometrically increasing distances. For a list with n items, the next level is a link from item i, 1 ≤ i ≤ n - floor( n 1/3), to item i + floor( i 1/3). At the top level, items 1³, 2³, 3³, ..., floor( n 1/3) ³ have backward links, that is, there is a link from item i³, 1 < i ≤ floor( n 1/3) ³, to item (i-1)³. Search, insert, and delete are O(n1/3) worst case.

See also skip list, dictionary.

Note: The data structure can also be seen as a binary search tree with additional links.

Author: PEB

More information

Arne Andersson and Thomas Ottmann, New Tight Bounds on Uniquely Represented Dictionaries, SIAM Journal of Computing, 24(5):1091-1103, 1995.

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